MEXICO CITY (Xinhua, Deng Shasha, 2011-06-06) - According to recently released census data, the number of foreigners residing in Mexico has doubled in the past 10 years. Most of the 961,000 foreigners living in Mexico come from the United States. The National Statistics and Geography Institute reported that 76% of foreigners residing in Mexico come from the U.S. Many of them have Mexican parents or grandparents. The 2010 census found that 57% of the foreign populations were younger than 15, suggesting that some people are possibly moving back to Mexico from the U.S. bringing their U.S. born children. The border cities of Tijuana and Mexicali had the biggest foreign populations, while only 5.1% of Ciudad Juarez residents were from other countries. The western state of Jalisco also experienced an influx of foreigners. The state is home to communities founded by older U.S. and Canadian citizens, who spend their retirement years in Mexico due to the favorable weather conditions and a lower cost of living.

TIJUANA BC (En Linea Tijuana, 6/6/11) - A woman who sought to introduce a package of marijuana into the Center for Social Reintegration (CERESO) of Tijuana, was arrested by State prison personnel. Rosalba Valdez Arguelles was discovered with the package in the customs of review area. Elements of State security and penitentiary custody police detected a suspicious attitude and nervousness of the woman during a routine inspection completed for visitors to see penitentiary inmates. When questioned about if she brought any some illegal substances, she said no; however, she was too nervous, so the agents continued to question her. Valdez Arguelles on admitting to the possession provided a hidden package with green dry grass known as marijuana from her intimate parts. It was said the female’s drugs were for her boyfriend Carlos Alfonzo Orduño Jimenez, who is currently in the Cereso for the crime of homicide. The woman was arrested and made available to the Public Ministry of the federal jurisdiction, who will determine her legal status according to the facts.

TIJUANA BC (En Linea Tijuana, 6/6/11) - Effective preventive State Police (PEP) seized one kilogram of heroin and detained Emigdio Sandoval Arellano when he was found carrying drugs. During a surveillance and prevention patrol in the Jardín Dorado Division on Calle Pino PEP agents observed a black 1999 Nissan Altima traveling at a high rate of speed, so they gave pursuit. Once arrested, the driver, Emigdio Sandoval Arellano, 50, was said to be nervous in the presence of the military. With the suspicious attitude of the individual, PEP officers completed a safety exam of him to detect any illicit items among his possessions. As a result, Arellano Sandoval was found to have a wrapper of a brown doughy substance, apparently the synthetic drug known as heroin. PEP conducted an inspection inside the vehicle, where a plastic bag contained 15 packages of various sizes; all contained heroin. The total weight of the heroin was 1 kilogram, which is equivalent to 10,000 doses of the drug, with an approximate street value of 500,000 pesos ($43,000). Emigdio Sandoval Arellano was arrested and together with the drugs, made available to the Federal Public Ministry, who will determine their legal status.

TIJUANA BC (Frontera, Ángel F. González, 6/6/11) - In order to start a discussion and draw a conclusion about the first six-months of the administration of Tijuana Mayor Carlos Bustamante, some council members held a meeting. The Board was held at a restaurant in the Zona Río by the Mariano San Roman Council, the Partido Verde Ecologista and the PRI. Raúl Merino and Francisco Gómez were present. Gomez, who serves as President of the only trade union of workers at the service of the powers of the State, municipalities and decentralized institutions of Baja California, commented that the meeting was to discuss the last six-months of city management. Parts that belong to different parties still have many points of agreement. The council clarified they are not against the Mayor. On the contrary, they focus on the promotion of working together as employees of the current administration. The mayor expressed worry in certain aspects of the management, especially concerning public security and the "patching" program. About public security, there was the example of the arrest of Jorge Hank, which had its irregularities. Gomez added that all the council members have good relationships with the Mayor and expect that it will continue however, what we need to establish is a communication path. Finally, Mariano San Román reported some officials are in disagreement with the work and duties of the council members.


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