TIJUANA BC (El Sol de Tijuana, Manuel Cordero, 6/18/11) - A minor was carrying a kilo of cocaine hidden as her bulging stomach pretending pregnancy and revealed her boyfriend just bought it for 20,000 pesos ($1681). Another subject tossed his 475 grams of marijuana and one more was arrested with14 marijuana plants. The first suspected drug traffickers are Cristian Alberto Dávalos Magaña, 20 and Alejandra Gutiérrez Salcido, 16. Both were intercepted at 1 a.m. yesterday at calle Macedonio Alcala Street and Boulevard Bellas Artes in the Nueva colonia Tijuana at the Mesa de Otay delegation. Police unit 4031 stopped them when they tried to evade. During a precautionary search, they found a package on the girl. It was attached at her waist with adhesive tape. Questioned, Dávalos Magaña confessed he is a "narcomenudeo". Moments before, he purchased the narcotics for 20,000 pesos and planned to double that after selling it to the many addicts in the city. At 2 p.m. yesterday, an unidentified individual threw 475 grams of cannabis sativa out the window of a trolley into a recent model Jeep Liberty. Patrol officers 4904 responded to colonia Divina Providencia in the Playas Tijuana delegation. Auxiliary section officer Jesús Antonio Flores told them that moments before, a vehicle driver told him he saw someone throw a plastic bag. Inspecting the bag, the patrol found a 475 gram package of cannabis. Meanwhile at 9:30 p.m. yesterday, José Cruz Ramírez Fierro, 41, was walking and carrying a black plastic trash bag at calle 17 and Manuel M. Doria in colonia Libertad at delegación Mesa de Otay. He simulated carrying garbage but was noted be very nervous when he realized approaching municipal police officers. He was stopped and in the bag, they found 14 leafy marijuana plants, which Fierro Ramírez had just harvested. Interrogating him, he argued that it was for his personal use and at the time, he was on his way home. The detainees in the above cases were referred for alleged offenses against the health of the delegation to the Attorney General of the Republic.

TIJUANA BC (El Sol de Tijuana, Laura Sánchez Law, 6/18/11) - Maquiladoras enterprises Plantronics, DJGlobal, Greatbach, Welch Allyn, and Harman Audio received certification by the Mexican Institute of Standardization and Certification for receiving the distinction of Great Places to Work in 2010. During the ceremony held at the Economic Development Business Center of Tijuana Industry (DEITAC), Jaime González Luna, President of the body, stressed the benefits of being a great place to work includes enduring an increased competitiveness. He said that having happy and satisfied workers is reflected not only in increased productivity in the maquiladoras, but in the quality of the labor force. "This distinction is highly valuable as a tool for the promotion of our city in the country and abroad. Hence the importance of recognizing companies that work to improve the working environment," he said. For its part José Carlos Bezanilla, Coordinator of GPTW in the Northwest region, pointed out that this is an institution with a presence in 40 countries around the world for more than 25 years. Its focus has been on helping organizations to become sources of competitive strength. Annually surveys are completed in each country to select the best places of work. This year, six Tijuana companies obtained such certification, thus appearing among the 100 best places to work in Mexico, he added. He specified Plantronics and DJO Global won first and second place, respectively, while WelchAllyn, Greatbatch, Harman Audio were finalists. Distinguished on the other hand, was the Marriott Tijuana in the services category. It’s worth mentioning that in Mexico, the process of organization selection that make up the certification rankings is supported by the Mexican Institute of Standardization and Certification AC, thus supporting the transparency of its methodology, said Jose Carlos Bezanilla.

TIJUANA BC (El Sol de Tijuana, Adam Mondragón, 6/18/11) - Of the 3,155,000 inhabitants of Baja California, 1,591,610 are men. These 41.6% of men are parents, reported the Chairman of the Committee for Planning Development of the State (Coplade), Armando Rogelio Lara Valle, in the framework of celebrating father's day.
He added 482,203 men have children; 3.4% are 15-24 years of age; 88.9% are 25 to 64 years of age; 7.7% are over 65. "These figures show the vast majority of bajacalifornianos parents living with their children are adults, but a large number are forced to begin the responsibilities of parenthood at an early age," said the State official. In educational terms, he estimated in the State, 16.8% of parents living with their children have not completed primary school; 18.3% have completed primary school; and 22.2% have completed high school; the remaining 42.7% have completed some college or have a degree. "The importance of the increased economic contribution of women to sustain the family is undeniable; however the father figure remains in many households the main provider of economic revenue. About 9 of every 10 parents are working; 3.7% are unemployed", said Lara Valle. With regard to civil status of parents, 65.2% cent are married; 22.9% live in a free union; 4.2% are separated, divorced or widowed; and 0.7% are single. "Society’s support of the family concept is important. This in turn gives parents social responsibilities that enable them to fulfill functions of protection, development, cultural transmission and socialization. It implies the need for progress in the design and implementation of a population policy from a perspective that explicitly articulates through a comprehensive approach, different policies and programs of family care", stated the director of Coplade.


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