Xolos visit General Hospital (Uniradio Informa, 2/14/13)

Tijuana, BC - Committed to the welfare of Tijuana society, Club Tijuana Xoloitzcuintles de Caliente and the Dr. Sonrisas (Smiles) Association visited the General Hospital of Tijuana in recognition of the World Day Children’s Cancer that will take place on February 15. During the event the official mascot - Canes Aztecs ‘Xolo Mayor’ could not be missed, who came to create an incredible atmosphere of festivity and joy at the celebration with children who experience this evil at an early age.

Carlos Julián de Loera Arias, responsible for Cancer in Childhood and Adolescence for the Secretariat of Health of Baja California State, stressed the importance of the event organized by the Xoloitzcuintles and Dr. Sonrisas. "No doubt is very important to have these types of activities, mainly for the mental health of the children. We are here not only treat the diseases of children, but there is also fun and a great atmosphere along with their treatment", said Loera Arias.

Likewise, De Loera recommended the population of the entity be very aware of the symptoms that infants can present since early detection can prevent the growth of the disease. "It is important to go to the closest health center if a child presents with a constant fever, tumors anywhere on the body, chronic fatigue, unjustified pains or fever", said the official.

With this act, the Club Tijuana reaffirms their clear commitment to all children and young people who have this disease, as well as all those who face different illnesses but are struggling to move forward. http://www.uniradioinforma.com/noticias/deportes/articulo174210.html

USA Consulate in Tijuana closed for holiday (Uniradio Informa, 2/14/13)

TIJUANA, BC - The Consulate General of the United States reported its diplomatic offices in the city located on Paseo de las Culturas in Mesa de Otay will be closed on Monday, February 18 on the occasion of Presidents Day. Services will resumes on Tuesday, February 19 at the customary hours of 7:30 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. http://www.uniradioinforma.com/noticias/tijuana/articulo174232.html

Collective marriage in Tijuana (Uniradio Informa, 2/14/13 by Carlos Linaldi)

TIJUANA, BC – Mostly couples with children and those with years of living together, formalized their unions this February 14 through the third collective marriage organized by the Municipal Government of Tijuana. Carolina García Bustamante, President of the DIF Tijuana, recalled that this effort seeks to strengthen the social fabric through the 1,200 couples who got married.

The cases of two girls who were raped and killed by their stepfathers within days in Tijuana are clear examples of the absence of these values. "When one sees such cases it confirms these campaigns serve to promote prevention against domestic violence in all areas and stages of life. If a human being grows without values they cannot be reached. We should work harder to promote what is important - to have dignity for the importance of the family", she explained. http://www.uniradioinforma.com/noticias/tijuana/articulo174224.html

H1N1Influenza surveillance maintained in BC (Uniradio Informa, 2/13/13

Tijuana, BC - The Ministry of Health in the Tijuana jurisdiction maintains epidemiological surveillance for cases of flu in the region and invites the population to receive their vaccines. Dr. Karsaly Transvina, responsible for the State Infant and Adolescent Program, said that to date there have been no serious cases from the type A (H1N1) Variant or any deaths from the pandemic in the State.

She reiterated the importance of vaccination against influenza may be obtained at health units, caravans and general hospitals. While the population has had no cases of A (H1N1) confirmed in Baja California, the head of program said we should not lower our guard and prevent any incidents that could occur, highlighting to date, 65,587 doses of Influenza Vaccine have been administered in the Tijuana jurisdiction alone.

The main risk groups are pregnant women, children under five years old, older adults, diabetic patients and those with immunosuppressed diseases or by medication, as in persons in cancer treatment and with Tuberculosis or HIV/AIDS. In case they have not received the vaccine, they should go to the nearest health unit since there is a sufficient biological supply as it is not worth the risk for these vulnerable groups. Likewise she reiterates that the jurisdiction in Tijuana has 37 health centers and 3 general hospitals with sufficient supply to provide the biological vaccine to the entire population.

Let us remember that the virus is spread from person to person, can travel through droplets of saliva which are expelled up to a meter away when speaking, coughing or sneezing. It survives between 48 and 72 hours on surfaces such as hands, door handles and railings, as well as on porous surfaces such as tissues and fabrics - enough time to keep its ability to infect.

The most important preventive measures are coughing into the inner angle of the elbow, use of tissues and antibacterial gel, drinking plenty of fluids and avoidance of any sudden changes of temperature.

Likewise the Secretary of Health urges the population to take necessary preventive measures before a decline in temperatures begins in the region and continues over several days. It should be recalled that sudden changes in climate can most affect the health, especially that of infants and the elderly as these age groups are the most vulnerable.

The Tijuana jurisdiction emphasizes not to light stoves or coal heaters within homes as they may cause poisoning by carbon monoxide and accidents in children such as first and second degree burns. http://www.uniradioinforma.com/noticias/bajacalifornia/articulo173990.html


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