Speed Limit Information Campaign Proposed (Uniradio Informa, 10/21/12)

TIJUANA, BC - In respect to the reactivation of transit surveillance cameras in Tijuana, Alderman Enrique Parra explained that you have to see the positive side, since this will help prevent many situations of speeding and accidents including, in case of adoption of this operation we will need to do a campaign to inform the population about speed limits.

He indicated that this type of system is implemented and is very well accepted in the neighboring country. "It is done in United States. I've even asked people there if traffic lights are different, but they are exactly the same and beyond that there are also speed controls will fines, electronic fines that is. I think in this sense that we will be forced to accept and abide by the decisionl of the judge and if we get to an agreement for 150 million pesos ($11.7 million US) we will be lucky, more if the judge of decides for 220 million pesos ($17.1 million US) to ensure operability of the cameras, because then we will have to search for a way on how to adapt this".

In case of adoption of installation of the cameras he explained you need to regulate and visualize where the cameras are installed as well as properly informing the community about speed limits. "With a 70-day campaign we will all be very well informed", he said. http://www.uniradioinforma.com/noticias/tijuana/articulo153546.html

Sudden Temperature Changes are Recorded (Uniradio Informa, 10/20/12)

TIJUANA, BC - The Director of the General Hospital of Tijuana, Dr. Jose Manuel Robles Barbosa, called on the community to take preventive measures to prevent respiratory illnesses. Robles Barbosa invited the community to protect the health of vulnerable populations such as adults over 60, children under 5 years of age, and people with a history of asthma and allergies, in addition to patients with damaged immune systems.

Despite the fact that there has been a considerable increase in emergency adult and pediatric consultation, the Director of the General Hospital of Tijuana, reiterated the importance of preventing disease and taking proper control.

He reiterated that preventive medicine is the best tool to boost the quality of life in the population and issued the following recommendations: • Maintain adequate intake of fluids (preferably water) • Consume foods rich in vitamin C • Meet vaccination schedules • Maintain a nutritious, sufficient and balanced diet • Stay warm during cold temperatures • Practice good personal hygiene • Wash your hands often • Avoid unnecessary exposure to the weather

In case of a runny nose, body malaise, sneezing, fever or a dry cough with phlegm, you must go to your nearest health center. If you have shortness of breath or a persistent fever it is also recommended you to go immediately to the emergency services. Popular insurance coverage includes treatment, hospitalization and consultation for respiratory infections. The community is urged to join this system of medical safety in case of the need for IMSS, ISSSTE, or ISSSTECALI services. http://www.uniradioinforma.com/noticias/tijuana/articulo153435.html


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