TIJUANA BC (El Sol de Tijuana, Krystel Gómez Seville, 5/9/11) - In four out of every ten households in Baja California, single mothers are in charge of family support, said the local MEP Fausto Zárate. This is the reason he’s working on the adoption of a law that encourages monthly financial support to women, as well as facilities for labor development or access to childcare. With in the celebration of mother's day, held on May 10, the Deputy organized five events where instead of giving gifts they perhaps already have or do not want, we will instead be giving economic support they can allocate where its most needed. "I decided to give them each 1,500 pesos ($129) to help support them as desired, to buy what they want and need, that is my way of thinking", justified the MEP Fausto Zárate. In this regard, he explained in his community work, what they have realized are the successive misfortunes facing many of the women who must develop roles of father and mother at the same time, and that four of every ten families in Baja California are led by a single mother. Fausto Zárate pointed out for that reason the Congress of the State is already working to adopt a law to support single mothers in a manner similar to that given to senior adults. Monthly financial support and access to nursery schools while they are working or an opportunity to begin a small business small are core points of the initiative that will soon come to light. "Surprisingly, they are moms who are MOM and Dad at the same time and do everything a family needs. That is why we are combining (the Act) with the seven political forces because it is noble. There is nothing more important to spend our resources", explained the local legislator.

TIJUANA BC (El Sol de Tijuana, Adam Mondragón, 5/9/11) - The Municipal direction of regulation has shown a real change in respect to the treatment of city merchants, said Augustine Sources Hernández, miembro del Frente Único de Mercados Sobre ruedas. In an interview, Hernández said that since he entered dirección Daniel León, there has been different treatment of the issue. "There is dialogue, a policy of open doors". People that have been uncomfortable with the new Municipal authorities and the direction of regulations because they don't want to purchase permits. "This time the authorities will provide places for the payment of permits in two or three areas because of complaints from those who don't want to make their payments", he stressed. So far we have had dignified treatment, in the sense we have not had problems nor complaints against the authorities of Municipal regulation at 20th Town Hall, he reiterated. Similarly, he said, "since the accession of Daniel León to the direction of Municipal regulation, we have seen a transformation, compared to other administrations where irregularities were recorded". It is highly desirable that the authorities carry out their work effectively. It gives us strength as a single front against markets on wheels to work in the best way.

TIJUANA BC (El Sol de Tijuana, TIJUANA BC (El Sol de Tijuana, Sonia García Ochoa, 5/9/11) – A 50% increase in applicants entering high school will cause a need for more classroom space. This is despite having already obtained the documents and presented a review, said Roger Alexander Gudiño Valenzuela, Secretary General of section 2 of the National Union of education workers (SNTE). He explained the education system in Baja California must raise its infrastructure, especially at the open preparatory level. Projects already in the work will be supported by Federal funds; it is expected. It has been considered, some 740 million pesos ($63,429,975) are needed for school maintenance and equipment. The Section 2 leader stressed the importance of solidifying the link between the teaching staff, government officials and parents in order to generate the required education, needed infrastructure and meet total demand for space. This will ensure no student is left without the right to an education. Gudiño Valenzuela noted that section 2 is open to the scrutiny of society. "We need accountability, so we call on citizens and the media report any anomaly to our immediate attention". The three main priority areas for the section are work, honesty and transparency, which is what people expect. Currently there are more than 902,000 students at different educational levels, of which 750,000 are in public schools. To make this successful, "it takes comprehensive work between all actors in education to reach the highest goals and for teachers’ rights and benefits. As students rely on education, parents must support their children and the authorities will provide the required infrastructure”.


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