TIJUANA BC (Frontera, Angel González, 6/2/11) - Raúl Enríquez, a member of the Tijuana Xoloitzcuintles, married Claudia Carolina Otáñez today at Santa Maria Estrella del Mar Church in Playas de Tijuana. After his excellent ascent in the League this season, the Xoloitzcuintles ended with the Championship right up to the first Division. Enríquez took advantage of the rest period to get married. It was a private ceremony, where only the bride and groom’s families were present. It’s noted the godfather of the wedding was Jorge Alberto Hank, President of Club Tijuana, who did not attend the event. Nor was it attended by his fellow "xolos" players, although they said that they would probably celebrate later.

TIJUANA BC (El Sol de Tijuana, Adam Mondragón, 6/4/11) - Care of mentally ill, migrants, homeless or those unable to care for themselves requires a resource of at least 500,000 pesos ( about $43,000) a month. This is the amount of government support is required to continue serving this population, said director of Hospital de Salud Mental, Sergio González Martínez. Opening the third module of the hospital increases the number of hospital beds to 110, accomplished by the director of the Hospital de Salud Mental requesting further support from authorities. In an interview, Sergio Gonzalez indicated they feed about 10 or 12 outside patients, who are indigent or frustrated migrants. “With the support of the Government, we believe that we can help more than a score of patients”, stressed the director of the hospital. Sergio Gonzalez stated that the main objective for the 2011 is quality certification, which will give greater relevance to the Hospital. For its part, the Governor of the State, who led the opening event, promised the director to provide economic support. Each year there have been improvements in the medical patient care offered at HSM. In 2008, 4,700 patients were seen, while in 2011 is estimated we will care for up to 12,000. Medical authorities reported that the disorders treated in Hospital de Salud Mental are approximately: 28% childhood psychiatric disorders, 28% affective disorders, depression, anxiety; 21% schizophrenia; 23% drugs, injuries.

TIJUANA BC (El Sol de Tijuana, Laura Sánchez Law, 6/4/11) - With 75,000 pesos ($6427), Mayor Carlos Bustamante Anchondo donated his salary as part of a promise he made during his campaign to give it away each month to an institution or society civil body. This time, the recipient is Emmanuel AC orphanage, which attends to children who have been in a difficult situation. During the event organized by the Municipal Presidency, on behalf of the Mayor, his daughter Carlina Bustamante, and head of the municipal DIF, it was admitted today’s donation will never be enough to meet the needs of the orphanage, but will help in their basic needs. "The Emmanuel AC orphanage has many needs. As well, there are many more places helping children. We are aware of the need. This is the reason the municipality is working with this kind of institution", she said. Carolina Bustamante argued this aid is a nudge to encourage other entrepreneurs and citizens who have a little more, to turn and see the most vulnerable. "Although I know that many employers help, giving to others is an example the President always reminds citizens", she said. Carolina Bustamante took the opportunity to call upon employers and asked that they also turn to the DIF, "because his soul and heart will feel more relaxed knowing that are all of them are giving”. The President of the DIF system reported that the municipal government is already working hard to protect children and prevent them from being victims of organized crime. "The Secretary for Security is already using a lot of his party campaigning on this subject to awaken society". He recalled that there are big differences in the levels of security compared with past years. During the administration his father headed, they placed emphasis on promoting the anonymous complaint. “It is being done, work is underway and we are getting the information to the authorities," he said. For his part, Saul Guakil expressed that with the delivery of this check is a follow-up of the commitment of the Mayor and demonstrates that he is truly concerned about the needs of the most vulnerable people, assisted through these civil society organizations. The donation was received by the director and founder of the orphanage, Eduardo Méndez Castorena. He reported that for 22 years they have looked after children and adolescents of both sexes, between 5 and 17 years of age. Some came from the street, in addition to having suffered ill-treatment. "This money will help with readjusting children back into the community. We have local children, aged 10, who were trying to steal a car", he concluded.


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