More than 68,000 Cars Towed in Tijuana (Uniradio, 2/1/13 by José Luis Camarillo)

TIJUANA, BC - So far the administration of Carlos Bustamante Anchondo has towed a total of 68,232 cars to nine different municipal impound yards for failure to comply with Traffic and Vehicle Control Regulations reported Ombudswoman Attorney, Yolanda Enríquez this Friday morning.

She said that 56,386 have been collected by their owners, while the other 11,846 remain at city lots. "The vehicles are available to the municipality, either for public safety or road work use. We have the authority to transfer ownership to the city once sufficient time has passed", she said.

She explained in a meeting held with PGR and PGJE staff to determine what will be done with vehicles that are turned-in by their agencies. "We are working together because we have to start preparing for disposal when they leave the system; we want that to be as controlled as possible, to prevent corruption and prepare for the end of the administration," she said. She stated that due to irregularities left by the last administration, it has been necessary to perform several clean-outs at the lots.

"For example you have an accident that leaves your truck in very bad condition, the judge sets you free and you arrive to pick up your truck but see the truck and say I don't want it, so leave it there", she said. She said concessionaires send notices for any vehicles that have not been collected, and then begin to dismantle them to sell the parts. "At the end of a certain time period, the vehicles become available to the city and they can start to sell them at auction", she concluded.

Colef and UABC donate books to Public Libraries (Uniradio, 2/1/13 by Carlos Linaldi)

TIJUANA, BC - The Colegio de la Frontera Norte and the Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC) donated 6,558 books to enrich the heritage of municipal libraries. The new texts are ensured immediate access on the shelves.


The books are mostly research texts on matters of local interest, as well as essays and novels by authors with a Baja vision, said Marisela López Órnelas, head of UABC Universitaria Editorial. "It is important to say the donation of 4,069 titles underwent a review process to determine if they would be favorable to the public", she said.

Adolfina Escobar López, Coordinator of Municipal Public Libraries said, "This represents a strengthening of the bibliographic collection with an option for more academic and college level texts on the history of Baja California. This will allow young university students to go to libraries for reliable research sources".

Saturation of Gas Stations in Tijuana Harms Business (Uniradio, 2/1/13 by José Luis Camarillo)

TIJUANA, BC - The proliferation of gas stations in Tijuana, have pulverized the business, Joaquin Avina said this Friday morning, a representative of the Association of Construction of Tijuana.

"There are too many stations; today there are more stations in Tijuana than in metropolitan Guadalajara and here we have a completely different population. This makes one have good business and four that are bad”, he said. He said that there are too many stations on both expressways and in other parts of the city.

"It seems the municipal government continues to provide land for use, we have still more on the fast track, more elsewhere - all making use of land, as if Pemex says if you want to buy a franchise, we will continue selling them to you", he said.

He emphasized that foreign gas station owners have come to Tijuana, but they are selling fewer liters. "We have knowledge of 25 new stations here in 2012... we must continue defend traditional construction", he concluded.

Relatives Protest Children Killed by Ricketts (Uniradio, 2/1/13 by Luis Arellano Sarmiento)

MEXICALI, BC - Family and friends of children who have died due to Ricketts demanded authorities provide greater readiness to physicians, because in two of the cases on at least three occasions physicians did not detect the disease in the patient.

Lopez Garibay, the mother of Esmeralda who died on Thursday 24, told authorities that doctors need to be better prepared for Ricketts and she showed skepticism that the only cause of the disease is a tick bite. "Don't let your children die. I know what suffering there is in losing an eleven-year-old daughter; I have two more children, but she was like my great treasure, loving, intelligent, studious and polite, but the Government does absolutely nothing no matter what happens in other cases".

She added, "It is necessary to go and review, to bring good doctors who know where the Ricketts come from; they say that is the tick but I do not think so, for me there is something else but they don't want to say".

Furthermore Angélica Pérez Moreno said her niece died from the Ricketts on September 7 and as is the case with Emeralda, they brought her to a particular doctor, then to the General Hospital and they did not diagnose her with the disease.


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