TIJUANA BC (El Sol de Tijuana, Krystel Gómez Seville, 5/5/11) - Despite having options for help, deportees to Mexico are hiding their vulnerability to not deal with authorities and end up causing more crime at the first opportunity, said Secretary of Municipal public security Gustavo Huerta Martínez. He explained the arrival of deportees in itself is not a problem, as it is all right to have free movement through the city, however it becomes a problem when these people spend days, weeks or months without changing their status, by entering a permanent classification. "They have ways to get help and they are told where to go, but they don’t. The easiest thing is to commit crime”, he said. After some operations were implemented by other levels of Government, added Gustavo Huerta, the deportee stays in the city with the same vulnerability or joins in crime ending up being a victim of the same. The first captain of the infantry has denied they instruct interception or detaining deportees arriving to the city, because there is no crime to pursue. Based on the observation of the behavior of people one can see who has just arrived and who is using camouflage. "Looking for opportunities to commit crime, using the image they have been deported so they don’t dp anything, but these people are dedicated to bad behavior because some have criminal records," said the Secretary of public security of Tijuana. In that regard, being detailed to intercept all those showing evasive attitudes does not justify its permanence in areas at the door to Mexico or the first part of the city. It requires verification that is more comprehensive and in many case finds it is "because they have the taste for committing a crime".

TIJUANA BC (El Sol de Tijuana, Laura Sánchez Law, 5/6/11) - An increase of up 20% of vendor traffic in the downtown area was recorded only in the last month. "We don’t even know the regulations of municipality inspectors", declared Karim Chalita, President of the local Kanak. In an interview, the owner of the Agency revealed they have registered significant increases, because now in the hot season there has been a proliferation of street vendors with fruit, water and food. "Not only that. They have reported a large number of hawkers are selling contraband goods on Third Street". Karim Chalita Rodriguez recalled the 19th Cabildo of Tijuana adopted an agreement declaring the area as a historic center, but the vendor traffic continues to increase. "No one could say that it is corruption of staff regulations, but the reality is the authority does not have sufficient infrastructure. Only we in commercial sector even know the regulations, but do not know how many inspectors are assigned to the zone," he argued. He stated the Center area is not the only one faced with this big problem. The product of depressurization of the economy is also found in the eastern zone with a large impact seen by established traders there. "It is necessary for the problem to be addressed immediately. You have to do a full review of the city, showing authorities the real pattern of established dealers," he demanded. Traders are very concerned, because they have not been able to succeed, as the streets are flooded with the sale of second-hand goods and food. Our members invest in premises established in colonies and then installed across from them are markets on wheels not legally constituted, he added. Karim Chalito warned that the Kanak would continue to fight for the almost total elimination of vendor traffic, allowing that the municipal authorities only consent to boleros and newspapers posts allowed on the street.


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