TIJUANA (El Sol de Tijuana, Laura Sánchez Law) - La Dirección de Administración Urbana in Tijuana has to do his work, because if there were a good process of reviewing construction in the city as many houses and walls wouldn't collapse, said Alfredo Escobedo, director de Pr,otección Civil in the State. In an interview following the monthly meeting of the Association of the Otay Mesa Maquiladora industry, Escobedo said that collapses in recent months have claimed the lives of more than six people, and is already a difficult problem for the city. "Because the land characteristic of Tijuana is loose, an example is the case of slopes in Monterrey, which over the years the Earth have slipped, houses were built above and if you some poured water over it, it accelerated the process," he noted. However, he recalled that the problems of collapse are not something new, that in approximately 1990 in el cañón del pastejé ubicado en la colonia Lomas Taurinas, dozens of homes collapsed. "Another problem are the people who have caused the problems; they don't care if the ground is good or bad. Also in the construction of new houses geological surveys are not carried out," he argued. El director de Protección Civil is the problem because that municipal authority has the responsibility to address the location of new housing and subdivisions. "This is going to keep happening and all the areas in the city are prone. Go to the Chapultepec, where although it is a division where people have money, if you do not set a deep foundation the houses will fall," he added. El Instituto Nacional de la Vivienda estimated that in Baja California during 2010 about 2,500 houses were built in high risk areas and are therefore in danger of collapse. Alfredo Escobedo confirmed that there are probably more. In addition, it isn’t only that Tijuana has the characteristics of settling loose soil, but the coast area too, added by do-it-yourself methods, "without a contractor, bricklayer or master of construction techniques to build structures". He concluded that the solution would begin to be solved if the direction of urban local Government does its job, if they had a good review of construction methods.

TIJUANA (El Sol de Tijuana, Sonia García Ochoa) - Baja California has never had a higher purification by the elimination of 2,100 officers of different police agencies. From November 2007 to 2011, including outlying areas the number of police complaints increased 568 per cent through citizen participation with a crime decrease of 17 percent in Tijuana. Daniel de la Rosa, secretario de Seguridad Pública del Estado, reported this to the Asociación de Periodistas de Tijuana, where the military patrol in the streets of Baja California. Offenses declined significantly when the police are trained and certified. This is a case for preventive policing. He explained that there is full coordination of police agencies, reinforced since 2007 with a call made to these institutions by los tres órdenes de gobierno el mandatario Jose Guadalupe Osuna Millan, who ratified the actions with the mayors. He said the coordination between municipal mayors and local police commanders, along with federal authorities generated in combating crime has been more effective than ever in Baja California. In the particular case of Tijuana, he said there is full coordination with federal authorities, the military and municipal police, as demonstrated by the deployment of operations with Sedena, PEP and local police. He noted that in 2005 and 2006 there were many complaints as the war between criminals and kidnappers was in full swing. However, with the plan followed in the creation of Centro Estatal de Denuncia Ciudadana (State Citizen Complaint Center) bringing systems closer to the population, there has been a strengthening; since November 2007 to what will be in 2011, a increase of 568%. Prior to then only 200 citizen complaints were received and now that has reached 3,300 complaints a month. In January, February and March of this year they top 5,000 complaints citizens in Baja California. He noted that the significance of these statistics is that in Baja California, its inhabitants actively participate; that 30% of more than 5,000 complaints were positive, when the national average is 12-14%, where in the United States the percent of positive complaints are only 22%. Complaints are received for the simplest crime to an execution by organized crime, thus enabling swift action of police forces, based precisely on the strength gained through citizen participation in pointing out crimes being committed. He acknowledged that we have undergone a historic distrust of the police, "so here we have to generate results, effectiveness and treatment appropriate to citizens, as well as accountability to the inhabitants". For this reason, the establishment of a new model police and police state will be like working with municipal corporations that continue to increase public confidence towards the institutions. In addition, "never in Baja California have 2,100 police agents been eliminated. That is more than 2,100 agents from all agencies whose amount equals the municipal force of Mexicali with 2,000 policemen".


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