Bicyclist Arrives From New York City (Frontera, 10/15/12 by Victor Ivan Campero)

TIJUANA, BC - After a long journey by bicycle from New York City, Ignacio Anaya arrived in Tijuana and was received by a large number of people who waited for him at the new port of entry to Tijuana by the San Ysidro POE. The Tijuanense 'super sportsman' arrived accompanied by a small group of cyclists who then went with him to the lighthouse at Playas de Tijuana.

About 1:30 PM hours 'Nacho' Anaya came to the new access point to Tijuana at the port of San Ysidro, where a group of people waited including several of his friends. They then departed toward the Centro to take the road to Playas de Tijuana. Once arriving at the Centro, they toured calle Tres following it directly to the beaches. As he progressed, several people joined Ignacio traveling both by bicycle and automobile.

While 'Nacho' continued his tour, accompanying people chanted to encourage him. The tour continued up the ramp to where the Panteón Jardín is located and then continued along el Colonia El Soler. With Ignacio Anaya and his entourage several meters ahead, they climbed a slight hill then resumed the journey.

Once arriving at Playas de Tijuana, he went to the lighthouse area where a large number of people were waiting for him. Among those were friends, family and even press. Arriving at the lighthouse, Ignacio Anaya was received with great jubilation by attendees, where his relatives embraced him and congratulated him for having fulfilled his challenge after spending a month away from home. He also gave interviews to the media and shared his travel experiences.

Blackmail Complaint Filed Against Rosarito Police (Frontera, 10/15/12 by Carmen Gutiérrez)

ROSARITO, BC - For trying to blackmail a citizen, two Municipal police officers face a complaint they contacted the director of the Company, Francisco Castro, which prompted thier removal. Castro Trenti reported that yesterday he received a report through C4 that claimed agents of the Corporation on a patrol had extorted a citizen for the amount of 2,500 pesos ($194 US), after accusing him of false facts trying to link him with false evidence.

He said that the victim was contacted and agents Edel Alfonso Escalante and Dorian López, asked for money in exchange for not detaining him, so he agreed to the blackmail, but then fought them with a report to the C4.

The police chief explained with the number of reported local police patrol investigations by citizens he learned and searched for the citizen to return the money to try to mitigate the problem but stating the obvious, this was not enough. In this regard, he explained that since his arrival, he began a program called "Zero corruption" and to date they have already dismissed or are prosecuting six police officers who have committed unfair practices.

Castro Trenti said that a procedure of responsibility has been started from the citizen’s testimony intended to demonstrate guilt in this matter, since instead of protecting the citizen, they acted against him and it is something that is not permitted under their authority. For this reason he explained, Community lines (661) 111 - 44-42 and Nextel 152 * 157566 * 1 are available to citizens for any complaint and are open 24 hours a day. The reported officers are military Veterans and joined the ranks of the Rosarita Police in 2008 and 2009.


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