Show Highlights Dangers of Pyrotechnics Misuse (Frontera, 12/22/12 by Luis Gerardo Andrade)

TIJUANA, BC – The Tijuana Fire Department conducted a drill in order to demonstrate the danger that can be caused by fireworks if they are not handled with responsibility.

With examples, the brigade exhibited a dangerous thing is having an accident when detonating a rocket. The first demonstration consisted of exploding a "cherry bomb" in one hand simulated by pork and chicken, breaking the index finger.

Also demonstrated how dangerous it can be if fireworks are carried in a bag of clothes and become lit, as it has already happened several times.

In a third test, they placed a "cherry bomb" with a greater amount of gunpowder in the simulated hand of a man made with pork and chicken. The dummy hand was cut off at the index finger and wrist and also suffered damage in the palm and on the back.

In the last simulation, they placed one of the biggest detonation rockets on the inside of a chicken and the damage was a total disintegration of the bird.

CCE Seeks to Avoid Leakage of Consumers to U.S. (Frontera, 12/22/12 by Celia García)

TIJUANA, BC - Within the framework of a campaign "Si compras aquí, todos ganamos (if you buy here, everybody wins)", members of the Business Coordinating Council took to the streets to encourage local consumption at 11 a.m.

With the so-called "intelligent cruise" they began distributing stickers among the cars that crossed the area, inviting them to buy in shops of the region. The Coordinator of Business Councils in Baja California, Mario Escobedo Carignan, stressed that with the commissioning of the first stage of the border economic zone, products such as clothing and footwear are cheaper since their importation is free of tariff.

In this sense he invited the owners of various businesses to join this campaign and raise awareness of this step taken with the border economic zone to convey this benefit to customers, offering them interesting discounts this season. "It is a work of awareness, we have to change the way of doing business and selling, we have to understand that many consumers let themselves lose, only because we could not keep them to buy here at Christmas", he noted.

It is considered important to promote such actions since the leak of consumers represents losses in the order of $600 million this season. "Through these flyers we want to tell the people the importance to do their Christmas shopping in local businesses and not in United States, since it represents a reactivation of all the productive sectors," he suggested. He insisted that different business owners change their perspective and seek attractive mechanisms to attract clientele.


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