Son of Professor Shot in Rosarito (Frontera, 12/12/12 by Carmen Gutiérrez)

ROSARITO, BC - The son of deceased Professor Andrés Luna was found in this city severely wounded this morning gunned down by masked subjects that came into the motors workshop where he was working and attacked him before fleeing.

The incident occurred at 9:30 a.m. in a of engine and transmission workshop located on calle Todos Santos in colonia 17 de agosto, when Andres Luna Carrillo, 27, the owner of the place was surprised by the assailants, who was shot three times with a 38-caliber weapon.

Red Cross paramedics moved the victim to the General Hospital for medical care and his health is reported in serious condition. Also there were expert personal and Ministerial police to start an investigation. So far, they had not had stopped the aggressors despite a police operation mounted at the site of the attack.

More than 8,000 Healthy Births Registered (Frontera, 12/12/12)

TIJUANA, BC – Through November of this year, the General Hospital of Tijuana has registered 8,484 healthy births thanks to the work done by Gyneco-obstetrics service health personnel.

Commenting on the success of the program "Planificación Familiar Post-Evento Obstétrico", the Chief of Gynecology-obstetrics at Hospital General de Tijuana, Dr. Luz Elena Aburto Márquez, indicated births have decreased in comparison to previous years. During 2010 there were 9,245 births, while last year the figure had risen to more than 11,000. Through the program “Planificación Familiar Post-Evento Obstétrico” (childbirth, curettage or caesarean section), 1,192 women have accepted bilateral tubal occlusion (what is commonly known as tubal ligation), while 6,100 opted for intrauterine devices (IUD). This measure will not only prevent unplanned pregnancies, but will decrease cases of high-risk pregnancies.

"Having multiple pregnancies in short time, increases the risk of developing complications or maternal deaths, so it is important to use a method of family planning", she pointed out.

Aburto Márquez indicated that the General Hospital in Tijuana boasts services and inpatient units to provide comprehensive care for women at gestational stages, such as: specialty consultation, rapid tests for HIV and syphilis, guidance on breastfeeding, urgent care, unit neonatal intensive care (NICU), obstetrical triage (emergency classification), family planning, and ultrasound among others.

However, the Chief of the Medical Service, urged the community to apply for family planning methods, which are given free of charge in health centers. Also, for those women who are already in a gestational period, he recommended they obtain prenatal care as soon as possible at their nearest health unit, maintain optimal nutrition and avoid the consumption of alcohol, drugs, caffeine or tobacco.

Pregnancy is a state of vulnerability, recognized by the Ministry of Health, through Popular Insurance, offering free quality care in health centers and general hospitals of the entity.


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