Come Rattle My Cage



A Thank You To A Questioning Foot

Why didn't I wear more comfortable shoes. My feet are killing me. Why did i even make this date with ...

The Pig Sweater

i keep asking my sister if she still has my PIG SWEATER...i gave it to her a long time ago ...

scissors and blood do mix

geesus he was tired as his friend Coaster Dude was after that whirlwind ride to Kansas city...and he didn't ...

this comment by Quillpena "rattled my cage"

Turning, burning, we are forever learning After the agony of heartbreak, when we've picked up the pieces and moved on, ...

Dear 16 Year Old Me

it was just a little of many little comment updates from those Facebook friends and relatives whose pages i'd ...

Old Lady with a Bad Tooth/Humour

A man walks into a bar, notices a very large jar on the counter, and sees that it's filled to ...

Rambo Rabbit

stick em up snowpeeps!!!

are U ready for some football???

as all my readers know i'm not a big football hubbie Bobby is sometimes banished to the back bedroom ...

one more reason to get out of the house on Sunday

the good TV...the one with all the premium stations on it is set to Charger Time....this leaves me with the ...

Class Warfare

this weekend Occupy Wall Street started to protest in San Diego...the group was both anticipated and and disdained by various ...

get them before we run out of ur cats size

cat picture by Kilbran

Liar Liar Pants on Fire /edit

this was written back in 2010...when i was still a "Come Rattle My Cage" blog is public again for ...


everyone has one....that perfect Halloween story to tantalize the senses with vision of ghouls and goblins to hide in the ...

Viva La Bicential!!!

I'm out

my poetry blog was pulled and i'm out been nice knowing u good luck and fun to all

I Like Words

i like words the way they bounce like your breasts when you're laughing deeply slide across a dance floor and ...

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