as all my readers know i'm not a big football hubbie Bobby is sometimes banished to the back bedroom TV to hoot and holler 4 letter epitaphs at the Chargers bonehead plays

recently ... today as an example...the whole blogger face page is inundated with information about every game in the country...

do we really need this

it's totally unfair to the legit writers and poets blogs in that no one will know unless they're subscribed to each ones individually.... that their favorite writer has even put any new material up

even then the e-mails reminders don't arrive right away so the blogger face page then becomes all important to become aware of new material

football is a important fun activity for a great many fans...but i don't think the blog page should be overloaded with what is essentially information easily retrieved on the internet elsewhere


let's get that stuff off the READER blog page and send it to the FOOTBALL page


I Am Stardirt Nov. 12, 2011 @ 4:17 p.m.

I hate the cult of football which indoctrinates young boys into a warped view of entitlement.


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