Maybe 'cause I'm so "tech challenged," is why I can't see the previous blogs I entered. Okay, here goes. If this one doesn't show up, I'll know something is up. According to your website, the only blogs you don't allow are ones with inappropiate language, or libelous ones. Since my blog is in neither one of these categories, I should be able to see it...But then again...this could be all my fault for being once, again, "tech-challenged." I'd like to know one thing, and one thing only. Why doesn't the Reader an addendum in their submission criteria? It would say something like this: "If we don't contact you within sixty days, means we have passed on your manuscript." I've had stuff published before and know how the game works. Sometime I'd get a "form rejection" letter or email. Other times I'd get a personal note telling me what I needed to work on. Or, I'd get a letter saying they wanted to see more. And finally, I've gotten acceptance letters. Admittedly, rare, but it has happened...
Every so once in awhile I'd get a "No response means 'no.'" But the reason I even knew this was because they almost always include the previously mentioned addendum in their submission criteria. It would take the Reader five minutes to add this addendum, so I don't know why it hasn't been done yet. You have it for employment; why can't you show writers the same respect?
Allow me to re-count my experience with you, Dear Reader. I sent you a manuscript six-months ago and have yet recieved a response. I thought that maybe you didn't get it so I sent it again...Still nada. So, summoning the courage, I called you, Dear Reader, to ask you what was going on. A young- sounding girl answered the phone. When I asked the excruciating question, her respone between irrepressible giggles was: Oh if we haven't contacted you is 'cause we passed on it." I'm pretty sure you will not respond to her rudeness, so I have a suggestion for you: Put an addendum in for writers with a time frame so they can move on!


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