the good TV...the one with all the premium stations on it is set to Charger Time..Image..this leaves me with the bedroom TV and 99 stations to choose from

i'm a fan of certain channels when i can't find variety...

HGTV...i didn't want to watch another bathroom remodel...

Animal many poisonous slithering snakes can i handle....

the History channel... turned the channel back and forth to the Animal Planet til i realized they weren't showing the same thing...the History channel was showing Swamp People

i take care of that on Sunday nites when True Blood's in season

so i thought i'd check out TLC and A&E

ever boring beautiful and ordinary women were trying on wedding gowns on gawd how often can anyone watch that show over and over and over again ad nauseam!!!

but on A&E the first words i heard in a long harsh drawl was a totally filthy bad teethed and hat middle aged man saying...

"them hogs will be thicker then lawyers in hell in that brush"

he was so unintelligible they even had to put in subtitles

finally i'd found a political show i could appreciate!!!

well once again a new show has hit the "tryin' their best" to be weird channels on TV

i stayed to see if somewhere in the program the participants would say about the new untried hog dogs the son just bought for over $1000 ...

"these dogs won't hunt"

all these father and son shows have the same format...

father knows his stuff...son thinks he knows his stuff...son wants to show his father he knows better then dad does

both these guys have a 5th grade being burly and filthy and there's either a daughter or wife who is gorgeous who doesn't mind filthy and burly men...and in the case of this show also carries a gun!

a big gun!!!

hogs rule the state of Texas...they are more then mascots for football teams...they devastate livestock and let's face it

THEY DESERVE TO DIE" at least thats what the American hoggers says on A&E

in case u haven't noticed there's nothing to learn on these weirdling channels

nothing whatsoever that has any redeeming qualities

they have become a freak show of dwarfs,kiddies dressed up and made up to look like 20 year old hookers (i'm sure every pedophile in America tunes into Toddlers and Tiaras),people fighting over how to make cake,dealing with disgusting hoarders,the world of more then 8+ goes on and on trying to find even more and more weirdness to titillate the bored and boring


the Chargers lost...the dogs wouldn't hunt and the hogs got away

if the hogs get away every week i might continue to watch it on football Sundays


I Am Stardirt Oct. 24, 2011 @ 8:43 a.m.

You've made my panties wet with your prose, but that is the first time you made me laugh like that.

Yep, them wild hogs deserve to become a ham sandwich, or a BLT, or Yahweh forgive me, forbidden food for a jew.


nan shartel Oct. 24, 2011 @ 9:18 a.m.

the divine swine is delish DG...but illiterate grouchy men and stupid dogs don't deserve to hunt them..;-D


i say teach them to dance and send them all to Piglets house in the hundred acre woods to be in a Christmas pageant

nah... they'd make pork and beans of them there 2 :(


quillpena Oct. 24, 2011 @ 10:04 p.m.

Give me "World's Dumbest ... " anytime. Even when the D list celebrities say things that aren't that clever--it's still funny.


nan shartel Oct. 25, 2011 @ 11:10 a.m.

i have 2 admit i enjoyed the show...but i could get tired of it real quick...i think i'll give the dogs another chance to hunt...and the dad a chance to say "i can't believe u paid a thousand dollars 4 these dogs that won't hunt" ;-D


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