This blog is dedicated to the memory of someone I had the pleasure of calling FRIEND, a special Irishman, attorney, and dear friend to many, Dan Broderick. I know he's watching over us all and probably wondering why we don't party as loudly or as long.

It is age, Dan, something that was taken from you and Linda. 

I hope you all had a wonderful, green wearing, song singing, booze consuming (lots of green beer?), funnest St. Patty's Day ever. I know lots of drinks were imbibed, because I am still listening to folks trying to find their cars.

One year a friend, who is tried and true Irish through and through, did the wise thing and got a taxi to take her home. The next morning, nursing a terrible hangover, she again summoned a cab, this time in search of her car. She drove a white Taurus which was uncommonly common downtown that morning! She'd ask the driver to stop, jump out and look at the car, not hers. It took several tries but she was able to retrieve her vehicle!

Many moons ago, and continuing for several years, a friend and I would take off work and treat St. Patty's Day as a special Holiday (even in Portland one year). My friend is Norwegian and my heritage is German & English. We went to lunch, making sure we ate plenty of bread.

Then, we were joined by the early Happy Hour crowd & workaholics. One year we were at Henry's in Orange County, another time at numerous places in Portland, Oregon.

The best years were at a place called Reidy O'Neils (the space is now filled by Rei de Gado). It was so crowded, you could hardly move. Downstairs was entertainment and sing-a-longs. They even had songbooks printed up (I still have one). Upstairs, there was a piano and more singing. This was a wonderfully fun place, especially since we knew the owners and were well taken care-of. The owners were local attorneys of Irish descent. This lasted several years, but the place was finally sold.

Most of those attorneys returned to the practice of law. You may recall the larger than life, statue of John Wayne (as in the movie The Quiet Man), which stood outside the entrance. Lots of good memories from Reidy O'Neils.

Baseball season is upon us. The Padres Home Opener is April 12. One new restaurant which will likely be frequented, pre-game, by myself & others is Wolffys Chicago Eatery on the northwest corner of 9th & Market. The home made chips are fantastic.

I will reserve judgement on this Padres team and give them a chance. They did show some perspicacity in keeping a few good players.

So Long

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