This is the PADRES answer to retain Season Ticket Loyalty?????????????
It is 08/16/2010 and the Padres expect a payment for NEXT YEAR in 11 days. It is clearly stated & quite succinct, with the tone of a THREAT. Let me quote: "Accounts without payment by August 27, 2010 will forfeit their season seats".

And then, from Mr. Moorad: "We want to ensure that you have the most flexible payment options in Major League Baseball." The above statement does NOT reflect flexibility.

How many Season Ticket Holders from 2009 did not renew for this year?
Get the calculator out. I have a feeling there will be lots more for next year. And how are the sales going for the Toyota Terrace? I keep hearing that Mr. Moorad is committed to maintaining Season Ticket holders. I do not see that. It is almost like he wants to force us out. I have a friend who gets calls with all kinds of offers from the Padres. He did not renew this year's tickets & it is doubtful he will buy again. I wonder if he was told about the payment due this month. He had been in Toyota Terrace.

Here is the real dilemma for me. If this really fun and talented team makes it to the post season, you (Padres Management) are forcing me to make a decision I have never been faced with before. Playoffs or next season????

The old, better way for many fans: Post season tickets (the whole strip) were purchased in September. The Padres most recent post season play has been one home game & that's it. The money paid could be refunded or just rolled over to pay for the next year's season tickets. If there was no post season, or if one chose not to buy, the first payment for the next year's season ticket was due around the end of October.

The new, terrible business decision for most season ticket holders: With the requirement to make a payment by 8/27, for the 2011 season, the Padres really are limiting (not expanding) choices. If this team makes the playoffs (and it is a real possibility), I absolutely want to be there (in my seat). Since those tickets won't go on sale for a few weeks, I am forced to choose between playoffs & next season. I am probably in the minority of Padres season ticket holders, but I have to scrimp and save just to buy the ticket I have had for 10 years. I am disabled, living on a fixed income. I am also a true Padres fan who lives for baseball season.

The fact that Padres Management gave me & all season ticket folks only a couple of weeks notice about paying 2 full months before we ever had to before this year, is shameful. I wonder if there is any concept that the economy is a mess, with rampant homelessness & lots of people unemployed.

The mandate you have issued is not (contrary to your belief) a good deal. I have heard from fans around the Country (but not all the teams) & no team requires fans to make a payment to secure a seat for next season before this season is over. I would also like to meet the fans that suggested payments start in August (as stated in the letter from the Padres ticket office). I do believe the premise that people may have wanted flexibility in payment options, but I cannot imagine someone would come out and say something like, 'let's pay in August'!!!

Playoffs or next season?? Playoffs or next season?? Oh my


auntsandiegospeaks Aug. 17, 2010 @ 2:04 p.m.

My ranting about the Padres Season Ticket 'plan' had more to do with history (problems encountered since Petco opened & no one willing to do much) and the fact that I had a medically bad week!

So, I had a telephone discussion with my season ticket rep., Jeff Wuller. There was much animosity on both sides until we reached a place of understanding. There was no intention to sound like they were giving us a one time, winner take all, ultimatum. They want to keep their season ticket holders. I sent an apology (very rare!) to Jeff.

So, I will return to my seat and be happy about it!!!


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