This baseball season is proving to be a heck of a lot of fun. Sure, they (Padres) lost on Sunday but nobody wins all their games! These youngsters are playing hard and their enthusiasm shows on the field. There have been a few extra inning games with this team still playing hard til the end. I want to mention that the Baseball gods have been particularly kind to someone in 'our' section. She just plain does not like extra innings. So, somehow the Padres got the message and they only play extra innings when she isn't there (half season tix).

The Padres management continues to surprise me. They sent out a letter to season ticket holders to address the issue of "more flexibility in the season ticket payment process." That sounds okay. BUT, that is followed by "Based on your (I added the bold) suggestions and feedback we will begin the season ticket renewal process in August...." Just for clarification, at the next home game (tonight) I think the public address announcer, should ask for a raise of hands for all those who suggested season ticket renewal in August, instead of October. This is incredulous to me & I just have a hard time believing that someone would want to pay for next year's tickets more than 30 days before this season ends.

This letter goes on, "By making your first renewal payment in-season, it will allow several payment options....". The only advantage I can see is that the Padres will have money earlier to earn interest or pay bills; the things I want to do with my money. Paying so far in advance, 7 months, does not make any economic sense for me. Just for fun, I looked up other teams to see if they had information posted about next season yet. This is what I found:

Phillies 2011 renewal will be following this season

Tampa Bay at the end of the calendar year

Giants December

Cardinals end of calendar year

Angels near conclusion of this season, due in Feb.

"An initial payment (in August??) will secure your renewal". "You will have the ability to renew your seats by making an initial payment". Does this mean that an initial payment BEFORE the end of this season, is mandatory for renewal???

The only good thing about this letter is, IF the Padres are in postseason play, we can purchase each 'round' of tickets instead of the prior practice of paying for every single potential game, through the World Series, which I was advised had been dictated by MLB!! WE season ticket holders should absolutely, no questions asked, be allowed to sit in our regular seats for the post season. 1/2 seasoners can flip-flop. You one year, me the next. This should also be the rule for Opening Day.

Now, here's a thought, how about seeking a contribution from the players, who are so exorbitantly overpaid? If the team needs money that bad, ask the guys with all the money. Even a minutiae of 1% of their salaries would probably be more than ordinary (not corporate) season ticket holders could muster up.

Talking about paying so far in advance is something I cannot fathom. I am barely able to make ends meet, saving little by little just to renew my seat every year. Imagine a season without baseball games to attend. It would be very bad for my health!!!! And, there are the people. Many people in our section have been there since Petco Opening Day. It is a 6 month family, without all the baggage!

The Warning letter has been sent and all we can do is wait for the renewal information packet in August. I suppose we could consider this another example of the corporate GREED that causes so much havoc for the ordinary people. When Bill Gates (or the new leader in the wealth department, Carlos Helu of Mexico) loses 50% of his nest egg, he is still very, very rich. When I lost 50% of my nest egg, I was assured of a substantial reduction in my living style.

Maybe I just want the Padres & all businesses to be honest. Don't skirt the issues. Your letter may have been more effective if it had read: 'The Padres organization is in debt and will need a large amount of money in August. So, we decided to hit up our season ticket holders'.

So long


Robert Johnston June 14, 2010 @ 9:08 p.m.

Usually, when you get such a missive from your "favorite" sports team, they are basically giving you a choice of a slotted head or a Phillips head on the device they are about to sc*** you with (in this case raised season-ticket prices).

Really doesn't matter how well the team does--or not. You still get the same missive every year that you have those season-long ducats!

Too rich for my arteries!



auntsandiegospeaks June 16, 2010 @ 4:54 p.m.

That's the thing, we don't usually get missives from this organization. The wording on this one just hit a wrong note. I have had my ticket for 12 years or so. I am a truly diehard baseball fan & I will figure out a way to renew. The ticket rep. wants to meet with us (end of August). That may be good timing because these players from AAA (most of the team) will be reaching the mark of 144 games, which is the number of games in the AAA schedule. An additional 18 games could certainly affect their stamina and the way they finish the season.

Win/lose records do mean something and it is a definite negotiating point. I pay a lot of money to watch Major Major League Baseball. Last year, it was a joke as the Padres fielded tryouts for potential AAA call-ups. That was about as far as you can get from fan friendly. The team should have sent all of us a partial refund.

I will continue to give updates on this issue. I keep wanting the new management team to talk to us & give adequate answers. We did not have that before.

Thanks for reading.


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