This past weekend, the Padres hosted the Dodgers for a 3 game series. Unfortunately, the Padres came up short, losing all 3 games. The new start time for Saturday games is 5:30. This means the game is over by 8:30 or so. Apparently, many fans headed into the Gaslamp and continued drinking (a supposition). Shortly after midnight there were marauding groups of Padres & Dodgers fans. They were boisterous (very loud) and were basically just screaming their team's names. Padres. Dodgers.

I am unsure of how these particular men (I looked but could not see any females in either group) actually helped their teams. I am pretty sure they all felt pretty lousy on Sunday morning! I recommended that Dodgers fans check the NL West standings where they would see the Padres in First place & Dodgers in third.

The San Diego Rock N Roll marathon will take place on June 6th. There is a Fan Fest at the Convention Center on Friday & Saturday. The route is different this year. They still start in Balboa Park but the finish line is at SeaWorld (used to be at NTC). I will be working as a volunteer at the Friday FanFest & I will be helping out at the start line on Sunday, where I am slated for 3:30 AM!!! I have been promised coffee. This is always a fun event and I have been a spectator for many years. This will be a different perspective for me.

This Saturday the '3 amigos' will be heading to Savory Deli on Park near Adams, for a lunch gab session! We strive for keeping up on the happenings of one another. We always have a fun time. The restaurant is owned/operated by friends of 1 amigo! Apparently there is a Spanish flair and I have heard the food is above par! I'll let you know what I think.

We have an election coming up. I always urge people to get out & vote. It is easy and it is up to the electorate to make their voice heard. Every vote counts. I truly dislike the tack taken by Ms. Whitman & Mr. Poizner. Their run for Governor has produced some really misleading ads, spouting accusations & accusing the other of nefarious deeds! I want to say GROW UP. I have tried to find information on some of the claims being made. One of the Poizner ads states (several times) that Ms. Whitman failed to vote for 28 years. My question is, failed to vote on what? I know she was not in any legislature where she would 'miss' voting, nor is there information (I couldn't find any) that she failed to vote in general elections. There is also some very questionable information in Whitman's ads about Poizner. I did find an article in the LA Times expressing the same confusion and unable to put facts to the rhetoric.,0,7847000.story

There are several ballot issues. These are always confusing to read, with the explanations being of little help!


So long


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