This is not a good year for San Diego sports fans. The only place that looks good is USD football. They are 6-1. The aztecs football team is just the opposite, 1-7. The Padres fielded AAA players for the end of the season, about 4-6 weeks worth. We fans were always asking, who is that??? The 2008 Padres had last place all wrapped up by mid season. Now we have the Chargers. They seem to be unable to score, catch a pass, run, return kick offs, etc. What they are good at is turnovers, failing to protect the quarterback, and being penalized (did you love the excessive celebration penalty yesterday?)

The World Series (that is when the baseball season is over and there are playoff games for the BEST teams in baseball, & the 2 teams left standing get to play for the title of World Series Champions), is actually good to watch. Fox & MLB are not happy that the Phillies are playing the Devil Rays as they wanted Dodgers/Red Sox. Most San Diegans are truly happy that the Dodgers (with Manny, "I'm going to take this team to the World Series" Ramirez) are not playing.

Changing direction:

Why are some people just plain rude? Some tenants in this apartment complex do not seem to have the ability to think about others. Out on their patio at 3:30 AM, talking loud enough to waken people. 2 calls to security before they got the message to go inside.

Why are there never enough electrical outlets in an apartment and who chooses the locations?

Why is online shopping so easy until you get to the payment page and see what they want to charge for shipping. Especially ordering paperback books that you can often get for less than a dollar, but the shipping is $5 or so. Go to your library's book sale. And do Not brag that you only paid 3 cents for a book because most people are well aware of the shipping!!

Why are Pepperidge Farm cookies so darn good?

Why do politicians spout about what they will do when we know darn well that it takes "an act of Congress" to get things done?

Why do pizza places serve breadsticks, dipping dough stuff, etc. to go with pizza? Talk about an overload on carbohydrates.

Why do we love cupcakes?

Why are lava lamps so mesmerizing?

Why do people (no matter how rich) pay over $300 for a hotel room? Isn't it really just a place to sleep??

Why do doctors "hold things back" just so they can tell you later that whatever you have is due to "getting old"?? Thinking about writing a book on this phenomenon.

Why are there so many TV shows with the same basic theme? CSI x 3; Law & Order x 3, Without a Trace, Criminal minds, the Mentalist, Monk, Boston Legal, The Shield, Cold Case, etc. are all about crimes, solving crimes and trying the cases.

Why do TV writers seem to have lost their imagination?

So long

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