First of all, I am NOT a theatre critic. I love to go to the smaller venues such as the one we used to have in Old Town. We have the Lyceum downtown, which has some great shows and not a bad seat in the house. I recently went to the Horton Grand to see "Hit" by the Lambs Players. It was a good story and definitely well done by the cast.

That said, I won tickets to the Carlsbad New Village Theatre. A friend did the driving. It is a little difficult to find as the address is on State St., but the Theatre entrance is around the corner on a side street.

The show is entitled, "Four Dogs and A Bone". The play opens with one actress on stage. She is speaking in a loud voice, seemingly telling someone (the audience?) about her brother & the fact she had been "incested". Her name is Brenda. Then Brad appears and tells Brenda that they need to cut scenes. He is placating her one minute, then says how bad it is because without some cuts and an infusion of money, they're done. This opening scene goes on forever, with Brad dropping his pants to dress a weeping sore on his ass. Then we are introduced to Collette, (actress & rival of Brenda) and Victor, the writer. I am not even sure how long the show lasted, but it was definitely TOO long. The actors all seemed to be screaming, it was far too loud. There was not one iota of this show worth seeing. The whole bit with Brad's ass was tiring, out of place, and had nothing to do with anything.

My friend and I left there shaking our heads and wondering how this place has managed to stay open. This is a small theatre. The seats are reclamation. The tape on my seat was loose and scratched the back of my legs. Luckily, I was wearing pants.

Before going to the show, we enjoyed a lovely brunch at St. Tropez, between Dobson's and the Horton Plaza post office. The food was great, the Mimosas (all you can drink for $5) very nice. My friend drank coffee.

Then we walked to the car to go to Carlsbad. We walked on E, toward 9th. The post office on E, between 8th & 9th was packed with people on the steps, in sleeping bags, sitting , talking, smoking. These are homeless who have decided to make this neighborhood their home. There were a lot of people. I continue to talk about this subject as it directly affects my life. There is one man I've talked to several times over a 3 year span, as he "lives" there. On Sunday, he was sitting on the sidewalk. He lifted his head to say hello and he looked just awful. He's lost weight, his skin has a grayish/yellow pallor. My first thought was that he was coming off a few days of drinking.

So, the lessons for today: attend the Carlsbad Village Theatre at your own risk and avoid walking on E St.

So long

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