I wanted to buy tickets to see Flight of the Conchords at UCSDs Rimac Arena. I went there a week after the show was announced, only to find it was sold out.

I told my girlfriend yesterday that we should drive down and see if they released more tickets. They often do that. She checked online and saw that they had released more, but the box office wasn't taking calls.

I figured at worst, we buy a pair from a scalper. And, we both wondered how scalpers are hurt now by the internet. We saw tickets for sale on Craiglist and eBay, for twice the price (you can't get much more, as this is a comedic band, it's not like buying tickets for Taylor Swift or something). My girlfriend said she heard that some venues work with one ticket broker, selling a big block of tickets and that's a legal way to scalp.

We walked up and were able to get some amazing seats. We figured people that paid the outragous service charge would be ticked off to learn we got better seats on the day of the show.

We were an hour early, so we walked around the UCSD campus. As a former SDSU student, it's nice to see how the smart folks live (on a side note: SDSU was named one of the top party schools in the country, yet again).

We saw only one scalper. I was almost tempted to ask him how much he was selling tickets for.

We also saw two guys smoking and I said, "Hey...there's the band right over there."

My girlfriend said "Stop staring at them. They'll think you're weird."

I went over to say hi, and as I approached, I realized the guy with glasses wasn't Jemane. He just looked a little like him. I asked the other guy if he was Brent. He took a drag of his cigarette and with a thick accent said, "No man, that's not me."

I walked back to my girlfriend and said, "I think Brent just lied to me. That had to be him. He even had the accent."

It wasn't. They sat a few rows in front of us. A few people did approach them, some even taking photos of the look-alikes. My girlfriend jokingly said to me "They should be in a Flight of the Conchords tribute band. They could open shows for Led Zepagain."

Arch Barker opened the show. He's a comedian that plays the pawn shop owner on the series. He had a few jokes that worked, but wasn't very funny.

When the band started, the crowd was pumped.

We had these idiots in front of us that kept talking, which is never good during an acoustic show. Just as I was about to tell them to shut up, they left.

There was a guy behind me that had the loudest laugh. And he seemed to laugh at everything. I thought it was fake; my girlfriend thought it was real.

When they did the song about epileptic dogs, one kid behind me had to spend 15 minutes explaining to his friend that there was an episode of their show that dealt with a girl they liked asking them to write a song and do a benefit for dogs with this disease.

The sound system at Rimac sucked, as the mics seemed way over-modulated. But the band was in great form.

They had a joke about being late to band practice. And that worked for the few times one of them would forget words to a song, the other could say "If someone would've shown up for band practice on time, that extra hour might've helped."

I ran into my friend Ken at the show. He didn't care for the merchandise they were selling. I thought it was clever. T-shirts that said "Band Meeting," and underwear that said "Sugar Lumps" (the guy behind me probably explained to his friend that they had a song that was a take-off on Fergie singing about her "lady lumps").

Of course, when they sang that in the show, the crowd went nuts. They walked around the first few rows, thrusting and grinding at women.

They wore their robot costumes, but not when they did the song about robots killing humans. They did that for their disco dance groove "Too Many Dicks on the Dance Floor." And as they explained after the song...it's kind of obvious what that is about (and it saved the kid behind me from having to explain that number to his buddies).

The band did all the songs you know and love, including their Stairway to Heaven -- Business Time. And, one of the great things about these songs we've heard so many times is, they added new lines in them.

Oh wait...I just realized, they never did the funny song "If That's What You're Into." It starts as a romantic ballad to a woman, about all the things the guy would do for her. It quickly becomes a list of sexual things he'd do to her, if "that's what she's into." And I swear, nothing is funnier than hearing Jemanes deep baritone come in on back-up vocals.

One song had an added segment on the Swine Flu. A few other songs had different lyrics that made them fun to hear with fresh ears.

Of course, the bands banter with the crowd was great. But as they've said before, they're professions. When they are paid to talk like that, it works better than regular people that say things like "I'm out of onions" or "It was a nice, warm and breezy day today."

Even though, as they both agreed...it was a nice, breezy day.

And it was a nice, entertaining concert.

Let's just hope the TV show is continued for another season.

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tatlar May 21, 2009 @ 11:09 a.m.

Does the Reader not have an online editor? It's not Jemane - it's Jemaine. It's not Brent - it's Bret. It's not Arch - it's Arj. Sigh. Did this guy graduate from SDSU? Back to reading CityBeat...


David Patrone May 21, 2009 @ 12:13 p.m.

I'm not a huge fan of FOTC but I thought it would be an entertaining show. My girlfriend really loves them and so I called my hookup and got some nice seats, which, broke about 15 minutes into the show and the guys had to come over and re-attach them or something. anyway.

I thought the opening comedian Arj (Dave on the TV show) had a pretty good set with really interesting concepts. I liked that he talked about his own writing as an aspect of the joke; although, his delivery was hampered by the way the mic was EQ'd. Every time he tried to raise his voice he pulled the mic away from his mouth, the opposite effect would happen as the highs took over and he ended up sounding all tinny. He could probably learn a little better mic control and dynamics vs non-mic'd performance; but, in his defense, that EQ was pretty jacked up. When I perform and the mic is all weird like that it tends to affect the performance. He did a good job and I met him after the show, he was very cool and signed everyone's CDs

There were a couple of technical glitches, Jemaine's omnichord thing or whatever you call it wasn't functioning right, it looked like it needed new batteries cause they couldn't seem to get it to turn up enough. It appeared later in the show, working properly. Then again, they like to do bits like that in the show so you can't always tell whether or not it's a part of the act. It didn't seem like it though. They messed with and incorporated people who were sitting in someone else's seats up front, it was cool. They were quick on improvisational humor. They are definitely funny.

I liked that they came back on for three songs when it seemed the show was over; I also liked the addition of Nigel, the New Zealand Symphony. They also had some cool lighting features.

I enjoyed the wide variety of instruments. Jemaine played guitar and omnichord while Bret played guitar, organ, drums, and some other thing I couldn't see. They both beatboxed and bret even did a little trumpet sound on one of the last tunes. Nigel, the New Zealand Symphony played a little xylophone, bongos, cello, shakers and backed up on vocals.

The harmonies and phrasing weren't really tight and it felt like you were sitting in your living room, just listening to your buddies just foolin' around, not really rehearsed. That is, if your buddies played eight instruments and were really funny; which, in my case, happens to be true :) So I felt right at home.

If you don't know which living rooms to go to in San Diego to find this kind of entertainment at 3am on a Wednesday night, I guess you're relegated to youtube the Flight and enjoy the show.

I did.



mike1 May 21, 2009 @ 3:48 p.m.

Saw the show with the girlfriend. Became hooked during the first season but the second one was disappointing. How much further can they go with their act? Show was still entertaining. We were both disappointed that they didn't do the if that's what you're into song. And we were sitting in the back on the most uncomfortable benches ever imagined. Who the hell devised the seating for that place??!!


Josh Board May 21, 2009 @ 4:15 p.m.

Well, tatlar is probably a CityBeat employee. That's what they do. I mean, Flight of the Conchords is a TV show, so when they say they're names (with that thick accent), how can I tell if it's Jemaine, or Bret/Brent. So Tatlar, enjoy those 8 pages of copy in CityBeat (along with the addition 8 pages of sex ads in the back). They should keep you busy.

And, on that note...Arj had some funny takes on pornography in his set, but that has been done before (Adam Carolla does a similar bit, although his Jimmy Stewartesque voice of the porn star in the 40s saying "I'm givin' ya the business, see..." was hysterical. And yeah, I do agree that him mentioning his writing of the joke, in the joke or after, was an interesting touch. Especially the line about something being $20...the photo at Disneyland...and him mentioning he could easily make it $10, because it's his joke. I saw him with a huge crowd after the show, taking photos.

The show could continue, and work. But they need to really work on some things. Murrays character as the band manager is hysterical. And, a perfect example of them having a great episode was when they finally got a paying gig...but had to dress as Simon & Garfunkel impersonators. They need to write stronger episodes like that. The songs are ALWAYS catchy, they just need stronger supporting material with it.


mike1 May 21, 2009 @ 4:33 p.m.

Arj and the 1930's porno bit was funny but Dana Carvey had the Jimmy Stewart sex thing first ("yeah, do me bitch") The Simon and Garfunkel episode was one of the better shows in the second season. Especially with Art coming in at the end. And Chloe from 24 who started out in comedy and was in Mr. Show. I still feel there was a huge drop off in the second season, show and songs, like they were trying hard to not repeat themselves. Like a band that uses up all their good songs they wrote over the course of years for the first album and then have to come up with something fast on the second one. And I'm personally getting a little tired of Murray. Although I was hoping he'd introduce the band but I'm sure he has other acting commitments. I'm still willing to watch if there is another season.


Josh Board May 21, 2009 @ 8:14 p.m.

I just thought of something. How hard would it have been for Murray to have done a pre-recorded thing, that would be shown on the screens? I've seen that done with other bands (including Spinal Tap, when they toured in the early 90s).

I completely forgot about that Dana Carvey skit. So, yeah...a lot of Arj is "borrowing" from others.

The Simon/Garfunkel episode was great. Especially the fact that they both looked so much like Simon/Garfunkel. I so didn't see that coming.

During the episode I said to my girlfriend, "That would be cool if Simon and or Garfunkel see this,' and then he walks up to the door.


David Patrone May 22, 2009 @ 2:23 p.m.


I'm no CityBeat employee but I do write from time to time. Whether "tatlar" is or isn't a CityBeat employee doesn't have much to do with the fact that all three of their names are spelled wrong. As an entertainer, I'd be a little peeved that you, as a "professional" writer, didn't do me the simple courtesy of researching your own work and spelling my name right. Name recognition is a pretty big deal to people like that. I think it's different if his name was Jon vs John; but, Jemaine? Arch/Arj? Why wouldn't you look those up? It's just sloppy writing. It's rather annoying when I see my name in print as Dave Patron when it's so easy to get the correct info from a website.

Maybe you could learn from it rather than whining about some nefarious plot to unseat your credibility by an entire paper's staff. Are you really THAT important?

If so, KUDOS my man!

I wish CityBeat was trying to discredit ME all over town. I could use the publicity :) How do I get on THAT list!


Josh Board May 22, 2009 @ 4:01 p.m.

Well David, I'll answer all your comments. A blog, like a text, or tweet or any of that crap, is supposed to me kind of informal, is it not? I mean, I should be writing my blogs the way Prince titles songs. Things like "I had 2 much fun 4 one guy, and luv flite of concords."

Regarding your name misspelling, I can feel your pain. Not only is "Board" spelled any way imaginable, I've had countless people mess up "Josh" as "Josue" and even "Jason". I never mind. As Adam Carolla said, people that get upset over stuff like that, should be mad at their parents for naming them Arj! Although, you do have a point regarding the fact that they are entertainers. But, I'm willing to bet that Jemaine and the guys associated with the show, would much rather have a right up about them (and one that's positive) with names misspelled, then just no coverage at all.

Regarding CityBeat...it's really simple. If someone logs onto this website, and they only have ONE POST to any of the many stories provided here, and there one sentence is that I suck and they're going back to reading CityBeat, it's obvious. Now, if it was just someone saying I sucked, believe me, I'd have no problem believing that. I might even think it was my older brother. Or heck, even my mom, who goes on and on about my horrid spelling.

But, I recently had a fight with a few CityBeat employees, after one of them did that very thing. Logged on, not to comment on anything constructive, just to knock my writing style and tell me I need to take some classes at UCSD.

And believe me, I've been in this business long enough (after years and years in radio where others stations did similar things), that it becomes very obvious when someone does that.

One last thing...I think I caught one of your performances a few years back. You kind of had a Sinatra type of crooning thing going, and used one of those big, old-fashioned microphones. It was the Belly Up Tavern, I believe. You sounded great!


David Patrone May 26, 2009 @ 3 p.m.

I really disagree on the whole "it's just a blog" philosophy. Just because it's a blog doesn't mean you don't have to do your research and proof your writing so that your message is communicated properly/effectively. Why would I spend a precious moment reading your stuff if I have to translate it into something I can parse coherently? You are a professional writer, correct? If so, the public is reading your writing and you should spend a few moments proofing your copy. Show some respect to your readers. Poor spelling is just like not practicing your instrument.

yo B, i went 2 the Conchords last nite @ rimac, it was sik. no tix but got hukdup. Arj was sik, jmAne look sik, bret wz gud but gf wuz bugn on nIjL so splitski

That still put out a clear message.

Thanks for the favorable review although I don't think it was Belly Up, maybe Martini Ranch before it went splitski.



catacombsgal May 26, 2009 @ 9:24 p.m.

Crasher, how cool that you sought out FOTC - I absolutely adore them (my favorite is Bret and Jemaine, alternately). This concert satisfied my fantasies about what they would be like in person - self-depracating, sexy, dry, witty, goofy - my husband said so too - but WHY didn't they do, "She's So Hot - Boom", which is the Greatest Musical Creation of our time? Bret uses that throaty Rhymnocerous voice, and Jemaine shakes it like only he can - Bump a Bump Bump! That's okay, I came home and watched it on YouTube twe - er - several times. Now I have NO doubt there will be another season. I thought they were our little secret, but now I see that I'm sharing them with a few million of my closest friends! After they said anything, this strange tidal tinkling sound would swell around Rimac - 5,000 women giggling! And they did SugaLumps! Yes, when you love someone, you should make a poster. I luv you Bret and Jemaine!


Josh Board July 20, 2009 @ 9:20 a.m.

Flight of the Conchords UPDATE:

The show, which is critically praised (but I don't think does so well in the ratings), got a few Emmy nominations, including Best Comedy, and one for Jemaine as Best Actor in a Comedy Series.

Not sure why they went with him over Bret, but it's nice to see the show getting some press.


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