The day started with a startled awakening from a very confusing dream. Sitting in bed trying to reconstruct it set off a trip down memory lane. A discombobulated trip, more like a Midwest growing up on a farm trip. The house was yellow, the yard large, there was an orchard and a very large vegetable garden. No TV until 1953.

Saturday afternoons at the indoor skating rink. Shoe skates, wooden wheels, keys (I got a brand new pair of roller skates, you got a brand new key). Occasional movies. A favorite was Cantinflas in Pepe. Bike riding.

Bus to school. Milk delivered to the front porch, in glass bottles with cardboard tops. Summertime, the iceman cometh. Large chunk of ice to counter the heat & humidity. Fish flies (as I recall they only live a day) were especially prominent on 4th of July. The ground would be covered and they crunched underfoot.

There was a TV & radio station, broadcast from Windsor, Ontario, Canada, CKLW. They sponsored a Friday night dance, the 10-14 club at a local Knights of Columbus hall. We rode our bikes, danced, went home, after seeing people such as Little Stevie Wonder, the Temptations & others. Just the neighborhood.

Invited some friends over so we could all witness the appearance of THE BEATLES on the Ed Sullivan Show. There were hula hoops contests all over the place. Small town traveling carnivals. And, even weekend car races. I liked the demolition derby!!

Baseball was on the radio, George Kell & Ernie Harwell announcing, "Detroit Tigers baseball is on the air". In 1968 the improbable happened. Denny McClain won 31 games, and the Tigers went to the World Series. This was last American League vs. National League, straight from the season. No playoffs. After beating Bob Gibson in game 7 in St Louis, the City & most of the State was in a celebratory mood. We wandered in crowds along the streets. Everyone laughing, hugging, crying. It was a truly wonderful feeling to have your team beat the favored St. Louis Cardinals.

Then it was time to move on, leave Michigan, landing in Orange County in January 1969. Now a Californian with nary a thought of going to Michigan. That was a prior life, a time of bra burning, draft card burning, protests and calls from Mom to let me know if a local (MI) was KIA or MIA. I learned the words from a song, "War, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing".

Lots of rambling and memories.

So long

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