Life goes on and some memories fade. But, there is a curious thing that happens, we remember things from days long gone and cannot recall what we had for lunch yesterday. Some people recall TV theme songs (which are few nowadays). Changes in Television technology makes it harder to memorize commercials or theme songs. It is that wonderful invention of the remote control, with a mute button. Even though I may know that Mighty Mouse is on the way; Yogi Bear is smarter than the average bear; Book 'em Dan-o; Yabba, dabba doo; M i c k e y M o u s e; Detroit Tigers baseball is on the air; plop,plop, fizz,fizz; I can't believe I ate the whole thing; give it to Mikey, he hates everything; which way did he go, which way did he go, he went for Faygo; ...where everybody knows your name;...for a 3 hour tour, a 3 hour tour; And so many, many more lurking in the recesses of our minds. I am leaving out one that a lot of people know, The Brady Bunch, because I never saw that show! I did watch Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Wagon Train, Lone Ranger, Rifleman, etc. Lots of westerns were on then. The variety shows were good, Ed Sullivan, Andy Williams, Perry Como, Arthur Godfry, Merv Griffin.

There were comedies & sit coms, often wrapped together. Carol Burnett, Mary Tyler Moore, Red Skelton, Jack Benny, The Honeymooners, Bob Hope, Sid Caesar, and many more. The older shows were fun and they certainly spent more time on air. Then commercials took over. Baseball games were a rarity on TV, I had my transistor radio, which my Mom said was glued to my ear, to listen to my Tigers, by the voices of Ernie Harwell & George Kell.

It may seem that I watched a lot of TV, but that is just not so. We didn't have a TV til I was about 5. Here's a good one, we were having one of those midwest thunderstorms, lots of lightning. Mom home with her 5 kids, Dad at the base. Lightning struck the TV antenna, sending the room into a bright flash and leaving the house without electricity. Can you imagine a young mother in a completely dark house, kids screaming, all scared from the explosion of this wonderful invention, the TV? Lots of blankets & pillows were retrieved as the 5 little kidlets and their Mom slept on the floor. It was an interesting childhood, growing up on a farm, the oldest of 5 children. I had a sister & 3 brothers by the time I was 4 1/2 years old. Twin boys were youngest.

I once asked Mom how she managed to get through those days. It seemed an impossible task to me. She said it was just what was done in those days. She did so much, like sewing, cooking, cleaning. But, she said the hardest time was when there were 5 teenagers at home. And then there was a 2 year span where the household went from 7 persons down to 2. Oh, I forgot to mention that "mistake" child, born in 1962, making it 3 girls & 3 boys.

Thanks for taking this walk with me down memory lane.

Now I have to look outside to see if any of the arguing, screaming & hollering might be worthy of a call to the police. I am most definitely tiring of the interference in my life due to the homeless living up & down the streets. So, the question is, why do the homeless have more "rights" than me? I realize that the Court made a ruling allowing them to sleep on our sidewalks. But, what about the residential areas where the people have their sleep interrupted due to arguments and regular loud use of the F word?? Every morning the sidewalks are littered with trash. I have even been treated to a real "pissing" contest. Today, one lady started screaming and throwing things. She was upset that another woman was in her spot. She said she had been living there for many months & it was her home.

The bottom line continues to be the lack of any action by City officials to do something about this problem. It is a difficult problem but, ignoring it only fuels the anger of a constituency that has to put up with this year after year after year.


So long

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CuddleFish Oct. 2, 2009 @ 6:23 p.m.

Thanks for those great memories, auntiesandiego!!


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