I just checked online to see when the movie, "Wizard of Oz", was made. It appears the release was in 1939. I was curious because I have a wonderful memory of my mother taking me to see it. We had to go into the City to see it. That must have been around 1956.

This was a big deal and I was quite excited. It must have been a Saturday and we went to an afternoon matinee. The movie was great and I loved the Munchkins! After the movie, we went to Kresge, sat at the lunch counter and had ice cream sundaes. It is such a nice memory for me.

The fist movie I went to, on my own (translate, with friends, not family) required some convincing. Once we had parental approval, off we went to see that controversial movie, West Side Story. To this day, I love that movie and probably watch it once every 2 years. George Chakaris & Rita Moreno were perfect. I became a dancer (in my mind) that day.

Then we had a real test. We wanted to see To Sir With Love. First of all a member of our class looked like Sidney Poitier. Buddy Harrington was no actor and it seemed he didn't like the comparison. I wonder what he thinks now. So, again, after working hard on the parents, we saw that wonderful movie. Spencer Tracy was perfect!

My grandmother was a die hard Paul Newman fan. She even had a life size poster which was on the back of her bedroom door! I used to take her to see his movies. When The Sting came out (1973), I was living in California, but I was in Michigan for some occasion that summer. Granny and I went to see the movie. Yes, we fell for it, hook, line & sinker. "Oh no, he killed that nice boy." She was upset until Robert Redford sat up. Then the audience applauded, it was played out perfectly for 2 great actors.

People magazine has published a tribute to Paul Newman. I wanted to get it, but $17.99 is a little too pricey for a magazine. If Granny were still alive, I would have bought it for her (she would have received 20+ copies! from all her grandchildren).

Maybe our parents were a little strict, but not regimental! Even watching "Peyton Place" on TV took some convincing.

Our generation (Baby Boomers born before 1960) was ready for challenge & change. My Mom said she wondered where my independent streak came from. My goodness, I even went to college! I participated in anti-war (VietNam) demonstrations. I burned my bra!!!

I bucked bureaucracy and pushed my way into a couple of classes that had been all male. Some of the professors joined in our quest for equality. One thing I knew for sure; I would not be a secretary (that's what women did). I wanted to be a nurse or lab technician. Something in the medical field. I also wanted to get out of Michigan!

When I made the decision to move to California, Mom was supportive. My friends were shocked. First one of our "group" to get out of Dodge! Others have come and gone, but I am still here & always will be.

So long


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