So, I got my background page back to how I like it. Not as easy as one would think!

Went to a new restaurant, Las Haddas, for Happy Hour on Thursday. A friend had invited me to join her. There was a gathering of Park Row residents. We talked to a few people and then found a nice table where we could see the entrance, but back enough that we did not hear the street/sidewalk noise. A gentleman came over to greet us, explaining that his son is the Culinary expert and they owned the place together. I'm unable to recall his name. We ordered drinks from Alexis who was both charming and efficient. They had a table set up for hors d'oeuvres, but nothing had been brought out yet. I mentioned that I was looking forward to some guacamole & chips. Mr. Dad said he would get that for us. Shortly after our chips & guacamole arrived, the food arrived for Happy Hour, including chips & guacamole.

My friend had a glass of wine, I had a margarita, which was a little sweet but very good. We wandered to the table and found it to be slim pickens. There was a cerviche (not sure), some chips, fried shrimp (gone), remnants of guacamole. We picked out what there was and returned to our table. Mr. Dad returned. I advised him that the music was much too loud and it was difficult to carry on a conversation. He said it is set to get people happy. It was apparent he was not going to change the volume even though a small adjustment would have done the trick. He went to greet other customers. Mr. Dad said he had worked at El Torito and most recently, for a long time, had worked for Outback in the LA area.

My friend and I each had another drink as Happy Hour drink prices are good. Only $3 for an adequate margarita. We decided to leave. When we got our check, I noted we were charged for the guacamole & chips, even though that was a free Happy Hour item & the only reason we asked about it was because there was no Happy Hour food. We just paid our check and left.

We did look over the dinner menu and it seems like they have some pretty good food. But, I am not likely to return. The loud music at 5:30 pm is unnecessary and my request to just turn it down a little was met with a lot of resistance, even suggesting it makes people "happy". And, we should not have been charged for the chips & guacamole.

It was a less than desirable experience. I will be watching to see how well this place does with the Happy Hour crowd. There are a lot nicer Happy Hours for my friend and I to attend.

My advice, enter at your discretion. If anyone has had a good experience or wants to vent about a bad experience at Las Haddas, I would love to hear from you.

So long

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tomcleary1 Feb. 12, 2010 @ 1:33 p.m.

Hello! I read your post with great interest while I was trying to research a GOOD Happy Hour for my friend and I to attend. We are looking (today, Friday) to find a Happy Hour that satisfies a few components - to wit: free food, good atmosphere, cheap drinks, convenient location to Clairemont etc. They are not that easy to find after perusing the Reader guide. It used to be easy to find these places. I could use some help. I don't know if it will do any good to post this comment/inquiry, but I am doing so anyway. Thanks! Tom C


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