Remembering which night/which restaurant brought up the saying, "if it's Wednesday, it must be Fleetwood", our own rendition from the movie, "If it's Tuesday, This Must be Belgium".

When we arrived, we were greeted by a lovely hostess with a nice sense of humor. I had asked that she be sure to record my reservation for my Open Table points, and as I was saying that I remembered that Fleetwood is not on Open Table, so I segued right into, "oh nevermind, you aren't on there". It sounded like I was confused. The hostess and a couple of waiters were laughing as I explained, but I had started speaking fast and the more I spoke the more we all laughed. Anyway, we were seated in a booth to the right of the bar area. Apparently the booths were designed for those who compete on "Runway", the very thin future super models. My friend and I manipulated the table so that we could both breathe.

We ordered drinks and conversed about our lives as we hadn't seen each other for awhile. We placed our orders from the Restaurant Week menus. Before our first course arrived, a lady was seated in the booth next to us. She was on her phone, loudly giving directions to someone. My friend ordered the butternut squash soup and I had the roasted beet salad with goat cheese. The soup was not edible as it was extremely oversalted. The waiter took it back and replaced it with the prawns (which were nicely prepared with a light batter, cooked perfectly, 3 large prawns which we (I helped) devoured. The waiter returned to explain the the creme fraiche was the culprit in the soup. It was very salty and the chef tossed it out!

In the meantime, the lady in the booth next to us was joined by 2 other ladies. They called the manager over to complain about the lighting. The manager contributed to the noise level, speaking loudly to the 3 women. Our waiter stopped by their booth and showed them what we were eating! They were just annoying & they did not interfere with our ability to converse.

I had the duck entree and my friend had the salmon. Both were nicely prepared and delicious. Since we knew we were having dessert, we each ate about half of our entrees, boxing up the rest to take home. The desserts were the best part of our meals. I had chocolate cheesecake, with a thin mint crust. My friend had the creme brulee. A lovely finish to a mediocre dinner.

One other thing, before our meal, they brought out a basket of rolls and a plate of oil. The rolls were light & airy with a slight cheesy taste. Our waiter explained that the pastry chef makes them fresh daily. I am hoping to get the recipe as they were truly tasty.

I had been to Fleetwood several times for brunch, but this was my first dinner there. It was good, not great. I would not go out of my way to recommend it for dinner. I may return to order from the regular menu just to have a comparison. One other issue was the bar. It is in the center of the room. Unfortunately there was a man with a very loud voice who apparently had been drinking. This was distracting. Since I like their Saturday/Sunday brunch, I will go back. If I have dinner again, I will report back on my experience.

So long

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