Have you ever looked up song lyrics and found that you had been singing it wrong? In talking with a friend, he wanted to challenge me to a contest. For many years I have been saying I knew all the words to all the "popular" songs from the 60's, some 70's (late 70's, early 80's)& many from '57, '58, '59. Of course I don't actually know all the songs. I agreed to have another friend of ours pick out the songs for our challenge.

We got together for our game at a local pub!! We each got a list & had to write out the first verse and any repeating stanzas. Knowing my background, there was only 1 Motown song, 1 Frankie Valli, 1 Eagles. He snuck in a Kingston Trio and Manfred Mann. My opponent only completed 7 whereas I filled in all 10. The funny part came when we looked up the lyrics! In Hotel California, the "warm smell of Colitas" I misspelled colitas as I did not know what it was. It is not in the dictionary so we checked Eagles lyrics. Don Henley says it is a wild desert flower! Some folks think it is the bud on a cannibis plant!

My competition mangled Runaway by Del Shannon, many people do not know what he says--tears are falling and I feel the pain--as the words don't seem to fit. Then there is Penny Lane by The Beatles, where they say, Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes. That got mangled into, Penny Lane is full of ears and full of spies! It was so much fun and we did a lot of reminiscing (Little River Band). Then there is Hey 19 (Steely Dan) with one verse our moderator had to look up. "The Cuervo gold, the fine Columbian, make tonight a wonderful thing".

Some other patrons overheard & joined in and we came up with many challenging words/lines/phrases in many songs. Some were pretty funny. We did agree that sometimes you have to hear a song a dozen times to understand what they are saying. It may be 30+ years before you get it right. Then someone will remind you of your error for the next 30+ years. It was lots of fun. With the instant access of the internet, this could be a fun game for you & your music loving friends.

I have to say that Craig Sager was wearing a very nice blue jacket last night. BUT, the green tie was pretty awful. I'm hoping the Phillies can finish off the Dodgers. That series concludes on Wed. The AL (Red Sox/Devil Rays) plays tonight & Thur., if necessary.

The Chargers looked pretty darn good for National TV on Sunday evening.


So long

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