Since I received only a few responses to my request for Downtown residents to send me an e-mail if they had any complaints about noise (loud music), I am giving it another week. I will delay my visit to City Council and plan on going to the June 16th session. PLEASE send me your location and the source of the noise. I would especially like to hear comments about rooftop bars, but ANY & ALL information about noise is welcome. This is a big Quality of Life issue.

PADRES WIN, finally. After winning 10 games in a row, it seemed that it was too much for them to handle, so, back to their losing ways. It would be nice to finish this homestand on a winning streak. That means winning today & Monday. Here we go Padres, Here we go.

Did you notice the disproportionately small head/face on the Adrian Gonzalez figurine? Check out the size of the right upper arm, and those feet!!!! Of course, it was made in China as most everything is.

I received my first "Holidays" catalog yesterday. It is Fingerhut. One of those places that sells cheap products at cheap prices. It is only June. I would love it if the decorations, sales, catalogs waited until at least November. I stick with the time honored tradition of no decorations until the day after Thanksgiving. I do not go shopping on what is now called 'Black Friday".

A recent trip to Horton Plaza, where a young mother ignored her screaming child (maybe 4 years old) & reminded me of the fact that today's parents are ill equipped to handle raising a child. Maybe that is because the parents/teachers/therapists of these new parents failed miserably in their roles. The idea that every child is a winner and all awarded blue ribbons, is ludicrous. In the real world there are actual winners and losers. No child left behind helped to create a gaping disparity in the basics (reading, writing, arithmetic). There are quite a few subjects that are no longer taught at all (this is information from actual former students). Geography is a biggie. It used to be that "we" would be given a blank map of the USA, showing the states' borders. Then we were expected to fill in the name of every State and their capitols. The lack of knowledge about the rest of the world is even more profound. (Did you ever watch Leno's Jaywalking?)

The English language is taking a real beating due to what I affectionately call computer speak (inclusive of texting). A friend of mine noted that students use the computer to write reports via cut & paste from pertinent articles. It appears that those under the age of 30 or so are reverting to the early stages of man when language was new and symbols were prominent. It's all about technology. I believe that just because something can be done, does not mean it should be done. An example is via TV, where the streaming across the bottom of the screen diverts your attention and the network symbols are an unwanted intrusion on the TV screen. Computer gaming is usually solo. This newfangled (now there's an old word) Wii is all about playing games, indoors with graphics of grass, tennis courts, etc. How about actually going outside?

Another thing I truly love are tanning lotions (those that actually color your skin) and parlors/beds. The purpose is to give the user the appearance of being outdoors. Get some sunblock and GO outside. Take a walk, visit some museums in that wonderful place we are so lucky to have, Balboa Park. Try reading a book or two. The reading requirements when I was in school (no I am not going to tell you) included novels, biographies, plays, poetry. There were spelling bees, contests on using a dictionary, and writing not only book reports, but stories (using your very own imagination).

The dumbing down of America has been going on for many years and was highlighted when George W. Bush was initially given the Presidency and then elected by US citizens. It was a sad day for America when he opened his mouth to speak. As many of our wonderful comedians have said, they lost the best fodder ever provided for them. President Bush had great comedic value. Oftentimes, Jay Leno would show his audience a clip from a Bush speech and then ask, "does anyone know what he said?".

Some advice from Auntsandiego, learn the English language (especially if your native language is something else), learn to write, exercise your brain. I won't be around to see it, but if the trend continues, this world we live in will revert to "Planet of The Apes"!!!!!!!!!!!

So long


johnegger23 June 9, 2009 @ 7:06 p.m.

"California DUI statistics disagree."

What stats are your referring too?

You really think dumping all the drunk people out on the street so they can all drive AT THE EXACT SAME TIME is the safest alternative?

And what does keeping bars open later and dui's have to do with each other (other than making things safer), its already illegal to drive drunk.

"Many people have hearing problems due to prolonged exposure to loud music."

Many people have "fun" problems due to conservative nightlife.

"The problem is persistent & that NOISE is cranked up 3 nights a week"

It should be 7 nights a week.


auntsandiegospeaks June 9, 2009 @ 11:59 a.m.

Thank you, EAMartonyi. I actually conducted an experiment by handing out maps at a recent gathering. Out of 18 people, only 1 person got all the states, but faltered on 5 capitols. I happen to think that learning is something we do all of our lives. But, so many of the children (seemingly those that could be my grandchildren) born since 1980 or so, not only don't care, but are not the least bit interested.
I definitely do not have the answers and I applaud your efforts, using the computer. I do research and learn new things all the time. Have you tried Google Earth? It is definitely a fun way to look at "us".


auntsandiegospeaks June 9, 2009 @ 12:18 p.m.

So, Johnegger23, you think the bars should stay open longer. California DUI statistics disagree. If you want to continue drinking past last call, you can always go home and open a bottle or can. The advantage is that it would be much, much cheaper.

I will continue my quest to move all loud music entertainment to indoors. The big offenders are the rooftop bars. This is a definite quality of life issue. I have lived downtown for 11+ years (before The Ivy Hotel). Many people have hearing problems due to prolonged exposure to loud music. The problem is persistent & that NOISE is cranked up 3 nights a week, sometimes more. It affects sleep, can make people angry, both of which can lead to health problems.

So, I will continue the good fight. Downtown San Diego is big enough. The many, many, highrise buildings will, hopefully, be occupied one day, increasing the current downtown residents by several thousand. I would hate to lose any readers, but there will be comments in my blog from time to time about the noise issue.

Thank you


EAMartonyi June 8, 2009 @ 10:43 a.m.

I wonder how many adults, much less children, could fill in every state name using a blank map? Many people feel it is unimportant to know all the states. But without that fundamental knowledge it is much more difficult and far less interesting to become knowledgeable about Physical Geography and Cultural Geography. Luckily, for the interested, there are resources now available on the market that make learning the states quite easy and even fun.


johnegger23 June 8, 2009 @ 10:30 p.m.

Enough with the complaining about noise.

There is barely any downtown.

If anything, we need to push back last call to 3am.


auntsandiegospeaks June 16, 2009 @ 1:34 p.m.

johnegger Simple math says if you leave the bars open, people will drink more. MADD has some great statistics about bars, closing time, DUIs, etc.
Dumping all the people on the street at the same time will happen no matter what time the bars close. What is your definition of a "conservative night life"??? You go ahead a 'party' all night log every night, every year & see how you turn out. Actually you can do that now, as there is entertainment every night. Maybe you can get them to crank it up for you on Tuesday.


johnegger23 June 25, 2009 @ 2:28 p.m.

"MADD has some great statistics about bars, closing time, DUIs, etc."

Completely unbiased I am sure.

"Dumping all the people on the street at the same time will happen no matter what time the bars close."

No. If the bars are open 24 hours people leave at staggered times. Common sense.

"What is your definition of a "conservative night life"???"

San Diego. Or any place with bars that close at 1:30am.

"You go ahead a 'party' all night log every night, every year & see how you turn out."

Same way if you don't: Dead.

"Actually you can do that now, as there is entertainment every night."

Downtown is dead 5 nights a week. And the weekends are pretty anemic.


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