Computer-speak and the evolution of language:

Instead of a desk, you have a workspace (this one does not apply to Robert as his desk handles his phone messages AND is very friendly with some callers)

Instead of surrepticious notes you can use e-mail, texting, IM, and now there is twittering (which is chatter). Tis best to just hit reply and the computer figures out which method is being used

Instead of words (here is where it gets confusing) there are shortened versions of words, some words become just one letter, there are lots of acronyms (one letter or abbreviation) There is no website or book to help. The few things I know are from trial & error or ridicule

Instead of ergonomically correct chairs, you can sit almost any place with your wireless computer. Such as in a nice grassy park, only the chirping of birds as background sound, until the landscaping crew comes along with their mowers, gas leaf blowers, and fast talk. You have to find a place to go. (I have to do this because of the word, LEAF, did you see where he was arrested crossing the Canadian border? He is facing drug & burglary charges in Texas)

Instead of a telephone plugged into a wall connection, you have a cell phone you can use almost anywhere. Careful here 'cuz if you get Verizon you need room for all those people (the "can you hear me now gang")

Instead of a camera, where you can just point & shoot, you have multi-tasking cameras that are small. The one I bought recently has 2 dials, one on top, one on the back. You can do all sorts of stuff, even videos. My camera is especially cool/cute 'cuz it is purple

Instead of cars, there are SUVs, hybrids, minis (cooper),ATVs (which most people drive on the roads)

Instead of public transportation there are systems endemic to the city/region; New York has a subway system, San Francisco has BART, Boston has the MTA, Chicago has the El, in San Diego we have MTS buses & trolleys

Instead of offices, we have telecommuting

Instead of a record player with LPs and 45s, there are hundreds of ways to listen to music. Yes, the 8 track is dead. Even cassettes are going the way of the trash bin. There are these small, hand held devices that can hold a gazillion songs. Amazing. You do need some sort of headset, I think.

They have memory cards. Where can I get one, adaptable for human use? I sure could use one.

This is straight from a computer Owner's Manual Glossary. Definition for "bus - A communication pathway between the components in your computer". Before reading that I was under the impression that a bus was a large vehicle for transporting people.

Then we have "bus speed - The speed, given in MHz, that indicates how fast a bus can transfer information". That is a question for Keanu Reeves & Sandra Bullock.

In my humble opinion, the computer industry has made confusion a way of life. They invent & use words, letters, abbreviations of their own, BUT they also co-opt English words using them for their own purpose (bus?). It is my assumption that they were in too big a hurry to get things going (to market, to market) and had to revert to English. This is just another subversion of language and the PC (I think that is Personal Computer) was designed to bamboozle the average consumer. Now, I wonder why they didn't use bamboozle. It seems to fit in a new language group and very few people who speak English ever use that word. I wonder why. I kind of like it, Bamboozle, bamboozle bamboozle. Look it up!!

So long

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