Words. Without them, we could communicate via sign language or maybe smoke signals. Smoke signals, while an interesting idea, would not work in big cities, or places with factory spewings. Moving on to why anyone uses the internet. Those younger than me, meaning millions of people on the planet, have a computer mindset. Children have access to computers and a knowledge of their functions. I could probably have the problem fixed by now if I had a teenager around! That would elicit the age old question: (using poetic license) "which came first, the technocrats or the computer programs they actually understand?".

Computers, IPods, MP3, headsets, ear pieces for hands free cell phone usage. Even though I am able to use these modern "thingies!" I find pencil & paper remain the most effective means of communication. This is my own opinion and not that of any sponsors! A friend of mine, who shall remain anonymous has now mastered the art of sending/receiving e-mails. In fact, I am still waiting for a phone call from Mr. Tom. In response to one of my e-mails, on April 4, he wrote, "talk to you Sunday or Monday". I assumed he meant that weekend, 'curses, foiled again'. I still have not had a conversation with him! He had retired from one job, but was looking for something to supplement his retirement income. I wonder who he's working for. I wonder if he will call. I wonder if he left out a detail & I should anticipate the call tonight!

Turning the attention to cell phones. I got my first one about 3 years ago. I got nagged into it by friends who asserted a concern regarding my travels between old & new apartment. It was easier to get the phone than to listen to them any longer!!!! A phone is for talking. I am not one who likes to gab on the phone. State your reason for call, if I can answer I will or I may advise to call someone else, then hang it up. A funny thing happened when I got my new phone (every 2 years on Verizon). I started taking pictures. I filled out my contact list, even adding photos and ringtones. My baseball friends get "Take me out to the ball game". My friends from a former employer, are "Fly like an eagle". I have Chuck Berry's "My Ding a Ling" as the default for those without a personalized ringtone. I found this to be a fun endeavor & I plan to see that every one of my contacts has a ringtone.

I really am trying but the computer is still a daunting task master to me. And then along came tech support. They are knowledgeable about most aspects of these machines, but they are so very hard to understand. They have their own language which I refer to as computer-speak. Things like, clearing the cache, putting their spin to something which could be better stated by writing in English. I especially like it when they give instructions which do not apply to my computer, even though I supplied computer model & number, IE edition, Windows edition. Currently I am attempting to return to my original web page format. I signed in to write my blog on Monday. The page was not the same!! The differences are subtle, but I want my original design. So, I wrote to Microsoft, including a line that requested a response in plain English. I got this:

"I understand that you want your website to be appeared as it is in edit mode because it has a different view while in view mode".

So long

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