After killing my computer, I decided to hook up the old one. It will suffice & if I get my information out of the dead one, I will be able to continue with this blog & other projects.

That same day, shortly after 9:00 AM, I received a call from my bank advising me that a check I had deposited, bounced.
The cheque was from a bank in France. My friend told me he would be moving to Belgium. My guess is he wrote the cheque and closed the account before this cheque cleared. Got it worked out, I hope.

Things happen in threes. My doctors submitted a request for a motorized scooter. It was denied. This is not good and I am hoping to change their minds on appeal.

Apparently, those three were not enough. I was talking to a friend on my cell phone. I was in the kitchen, gathering ingredients to make some supcakes. As I turned my head, the phone slipped out & dropped right into a sink full of water.
I got it out as fast as possible, opened the back, removed the battery, got rice & poured it into a bowl, plunging the phone & battery into the rice. I would not have thought to do this, but just a few hours before this happened, a friend told me about the rice technique. It seems a lot of folks drop their phones in water. It definitely worked. The rice absorbs any moisture, and some sticky grains needed to be wiped out.
The phone works fine.

I recently watched the movie, "Taken" starring Liam Neeson.
He is ex-CIA. His daughter gets kidnapped, not for ransom, but for the sex trade. It is an intense, action film and Mr. Neeson is excellent.

This past weekend was free HBO & Cinemax. I did not think their choices were good for luring in customers. I had high hopes for movies to watch, but there wasn't much. I did watch "Harold & Kumar, escape from Guatanamo Bay". I thought it was silly but I enjoyed it. I didn't watch anything else. I did record the movie, "Tropic Thunder."

So long

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