Look at Thailand to see what is going to happen in the U.S. if the Christain Nation Movement continues. This movement is being pushed forward to protect illegals and bleed money from th U.S against the federal government laws. Our president and congress seem to be calling for a Theoracy to kill native born Americans. It is showing in New York and Arizona now. It also is showing up in small towns all over theU.S. as the big cities cut them off because of low government take-ins in taxes cause by insane unemployment. The old people on the government system can not pay the next generation so the are trying to use a theocracy to kill the next generation of native born tax payers. Do you think the U.S. has lost its mind too?. This is just a wake-up call!!. Pelosi is calling for reform in the amnesty laws using the Bible to move above the law of the land with a law of a God from above the government of the people. This is good for nondenomational Christian and other theocracys that are being funded by the federal government. These nontaxable organizations are forming a underground economy using the nontaxable industries to compete against low cost imports resulting in the closeing of native born American industries.This seems good for people, but socially these people never seem to become Americans, for the same reason native Americans never wanted to become mainstream Americans.The good ones are trying to buy America back with the gambling industry, hoping that they will be able to control the government with, foreign, in country investment take-overs. This is a wake-up call too.

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