I found some good news stories. 1. Good story on and pictures of Kim Jong-il of North Korea and China's premier Wen Jiabao and a contact, Yang Moo-jin, professor at Seoul's University of North Korea studies. Ref: Star Tribune 10/5/09, page A3 2. Where have all the horses gone!. Check the European and Latin restaurants!. A few years ago the dogs were disapearing. Ref: USA Today, 10/6/09, page 3A 3. I was listening to French news and a report from Robert Zoellick, president of the World bank , who gave a talk on their meeting in Istanbal. Mr Zoellick seems to say the value of the US dollar is causing higher cost of living in poor countries and making more poor people.This is saying they are using US money or buying US products that cost more with a devaluation of the dollar. Maybe US exports with illegal workers is inverting it's self?. Most illegal workers send money to their home countries so as the US goes, so the inflation in the poor countries. Most people don't know the US is a country of rich people living off poor low income labor. Also the government is living off high tax foreign investment, which is starving off the middle class. With tax-free nonprofit low income industries, the rich need to raise the prices to compensate for the devaluation or their money to keep up their standard of living, because the more money the government prints up the less the money is worth. It also may be that all the money is in the ATMs and not available to the bankers. How about that Judy !!.

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