1. "Honor killings" in Muslim countries. Lawmakers and clerics agree. in the U.S. the Muslim leaders say it is tribal behavior that predates the religion. The Summa theologial of St. Thomas oks it. aristotle and Latin Stoics used it to create a new civilization. If you have a civil government you need to go to the courts though. Ref: USA Today, 11/30/09 page 3A
  2. A come-back for high speed trains. Speeds of up to 200 mph are projected in the West, Northeast and Midwest. Ref; USA Today, 11/30/09 page 6A
  3. More on Dubai and it's investors, backed by oil money, and indebted emirate's problems. Just keep buying oil and it will be ok. MGM representative yvette Monet say's no problem, we are only a joint venture and not in their debt. Also Sheik mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum's speach makes it sound better. Ref: USA Today, 11/30/09 page 8A and The Wall Street Journal, 11/30/09 A1
  4. Good story on "Buy Amwerican" and definition of what an American company is. Talk to Nancy McLernon president of the Organization for International Investment or OFII which employ more than 5.5E6 Americans. Ref: USA Today 11/30/09 page B1 5Good story on China and it's money. Their saving's rate of over 50% is World Class. Liu Jipeng professor at the China University of Political Science and Law says this is better than the Western countries ways. It helps the economy bounce back more quickly from financial crisis. I see Federal reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke may be losing his job. Maybe he and Professor Liu Jipeng should have a meeting with the Senate Banking Committee. Ref; The Wall Street Journal, 11/30/09 page A2
  5. On the dollar, the euro and the yuan meeting in Nanjing, China. Ben Bernanke should have been at the meeting too. Ref: The Wall Street Journal,11/30/09 page A11
  6. The Zionist who lost his oil to houston-based Noble Energy in Tamar and Dalit fields amounting to nearly 1.2e9 barrels of oil. Ref: The Wall street Journal,11/30/09 page A12
  7. President Dmitry Medvedev has a new European Security treaty. Ref: The Wall street Journal, 11/30/09 page A15 9.Sharp Corp's new production complex in Western Japan, at $11E9,and as large as 32 baseball fields will employ 5000 people and produce liquid-crystal-display televisions and solar energy panels. Ref: The Wall Street Journal,11/30/09 page B1 & B5
  8. Boeing 777 jetliners with Rolls-Royce PLC engines with potential hazards of ice plugging up internal piping with possibility of engine shutdowns. Ref: The Wall Street Journal, 11/30/09 page B3
  9. Asian carp taking over the U.S. water ways!. These fish are food for people all over the World, why not net them and sell the fish and make some money?. Ref: USA Today,12/01/09 page 17A & 18A
  10. A battle between two crickets. Cricket fighting in Shanghai. This could be a good way for homeless people to make a little money. Ref: The Wall Street Journal,12/01/09 page A1 & A16.

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