1. Good news on why a stable Yuan is good. The big picture appears to be that the U.S. needs to fix it's economy and China needs to spend it's money!. To move the Yuan up would depress U.S. consumer demand because imports from China would be more expensive, and inflation would rise in China with it's products which are not produced in the U.S..This would result in U.S. consumers paying more for these products or buying them from another country.
  2. Another twist in the Iraq war. Arab and kurdish military commanders are at differences in political view points. Place in point Kirkuk. The Kurdish Peshmerga wants it and the Iraqi's want it. Another group is the Asayeesh. So now we have the a) Arab politicians in Baghdad. b) Kurdish Peshmerga. c) Kurdish politicians in Baghdad. d) Turkmen tribal government leaders .e) The Al-Qaida. f) the Taliban. g) The U.S. . Ref: The Wall Street Journal, 11/10/09 page A15
  3. What is a Jew?. From DNA to y-chromosome biallelic hapletypes. Ref: The Wall Street Journal, 11/11/09 page A24
  4. Hey Judy! . An idea in fashion. try looking for Hennes & Mauritz and Forever 21 stores. Also chech out the Jimmy Choo collaboration shoe line. We could use these in Little Falls. Ref: The Wall Street Journal, 11/10/09 page B1
  5. A women on the move!. Ms Hu Shuli a journalist of Caijing magazine is moving to Sun Yat-Sen University in Guangzhou and will start a new magazine & web site named Caixin or Finace news. Ref: The Wall Street journal, 11/10/09 page B8
  6. Dubai's ruler Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is telling us that city-states and the seven semiautonomous emirates are part of a federation. Ref: The Wall Street Journal, 11/10/09 page C2
  7. North Korea's first fast food restaurant is opening. Samtaesong or Three Big Starts will open in Pyongyang.
  8. We found the city of Heracleion under the reign of Greek Pharaoh Ptolemy VIII, before 116 B.C.. It sunk in the Nile Delta. Ref: USA Today, 11/11/09 page B12
  9. Best wishes at the Seoul Latern Festival at the Cheonggyecheon stream.
  10. What happen to Exxon ?. They are building a $4.5E9 refining and petro-chemical complex in Fujian Province in China. Also on the drawing board are 750 gas stations. Ref: The Wall Street Journal, 11/12/09 page B1 & B2
  11. Need a job? . We need 13,000 construction workers. Las vegas Sands Corp and Galaxy Entertainment Group Ltd are up and going in Macau again. Also expanding to Singapore. Ref: The Wall Street Journal, 11/12/09 page B8
  12. Good luck to Becamex Binh Duong ,as he made the 2010 AFC Cup, of the Asian Football Confederation.
  13. Vladimir Putin donated some Siberian Tigers or as they were called in Korea, Manchurian Tigers to Korea as they used to roam the Korean peninsula and are now in decline. Hey Judy, I went to our Lady of Lourdes School yesterday for Vets day. The students did a good job on posters, we sang some songs with the students and a vet from Iraq had a story to tell. I wish you had been with me so I could show you the school I went to when I was a little boy. We could send our children to this school and they would get a good education. They also had a program at the high school but I will go to that one next time. We are all proud to be Americans here in Little Falls as you and I are also. But they didn't want us in San Diego, at the Sun Cafe! .

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