1. Why are frogs going into extinction?. A fungus, batrachochytrium dendrobatidis is messing up their electrolytes.The fungus disrupt the frogs ability to regulate electrolytes which are crucial to a body's ability to send signals to the heart.This happens to humans too, when they lose to much water and salt. Ref: USA Today, 10/23/09 page 2A
  2. The U.S. Embassy in Baghdad opened 18 months ago with a price tag of $730E6 is the largest American diplomatic compound. With China's having a, the largest in the world event every other day, we Americans should be proud we have one!. It only needs $7.6E6 more to make it safe to work in. THis is how good of a job the Army under major general Charles Williams could do?. If you want the job done right hire a Marine!!. Ref: USA Today, 10/23/09 page 7A
  3. We will see a test of China's military strength with the return operation under way of the De Xin Hai by a Beijing top general and foreign Ministry, Ma Zhaoxu. Ref: USA Today, 10/23/09 page 7A
  4. Good news for the Vikings with Gov. Schwarzeneggers signed environmental exemption bill allowing the construction of a 75,000-seat stadium. All we need now is Minnesota to pay for it !!.
  5. What is a bird and what is a dinosaurs ?. It looks like it is all in the bones. Was it archaeopteryx or confciusornis?. Well planes can fly and they have metal bones. Ref: The Wall Street Journal, 10/23/09 page A16
  6. Good luck to Rose Jang an American, pop opera singer in "2010 Brand Korea Concert" at the Seoul Arts Centre Feb 24 2010.

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