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It's the final countdown for the Mother Earth Dispensary, the only legal-- according to county and state laws-- medical marijuana dispensary in San Diego County. If no action is taken and no one comes to the defense of the co-op, the owner will have until September 4 to shut down shop and move from the building.

U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy has proved to be quite effective in her crusade against medical marijuana and the stores that dispense it. Instead of focusing on the co-ops, the U.S. Attorney has taken pot shots at the land owners who lease retail space to marijuana dispensaries.

“The closure of the Mother Earth dispensary in El Cajon will leave more than 70,000 legitimate medical marijuana patients in San Diego County with little or no access to urgently needed relief for severe medical conditions,” said dispensary owner and spokesperson Bob Reidel spokesperson in a written statement.

“These are people who are suffering from cancer, chemotherapy treatments, severe arthritis and other conditions which leave them in constant pain. Depriving these patients of this resource will literally result in completely unnecessary suffering for countless individuals and families.”

Reidel hopes Governor Jerry Brown and the State Attorney General will convene and find a solution to what seems to be an unbridgeable gap between state and federal law.

“It is clear that the U.S. Attorney’s action violates state law and we believe that the Governor and the State Attorney General confront the federal government and resolve this conflict once and for all. In the meantime, patients will suffer and the black market will flourish. The federal government should spend its valuable and limited resources on such concerns as Southwest [border] security and trafficking,” stated Reidel.

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BudKushman Sept. 2, 2012 @ 10:35 a.m.

I smoke weed and I am a medical marijuana patient. I was active in reporting the true events that took place in San Diego. Conclusion: The ASA organized crime investment "Mother Earth" should go down and quickly. They are bad for medical marijuana and the last thing San Diego needs is the Oakland Organized Marijuana Mafia Crime Money in San Diego. ASA has played this same "shell game" in other cities. They sponsor a school, in this case LCI (for which the husband of the woman on the paperwork has a major federal fraud case against him). This school will use a shady lawyer (Lance Rogers- who set up dozens of small stores to fail while setting up Mother Earth and soliciting customers and growers for them). This shady lawyer tells people they can set up a retail store if they pay him $3-5K, all the while working closely with ASA who has now moved into phase 2, lobbying that the way to SHUT DOWN ALL THE SMALL STORES is to GIVE THEM A RESTRICTIVE PERMIT. (Videos of this can be seen on TheWeedlyNews). To undermine attempts to get real patient collectives zoned and regulated, ASA members engaged in DEATH THREATS, group stalking, ASSAULTS, harassment, SMEAR AND INTIMDIDATION campaigns and more. Bob Riedell is ASA leader Dion Markgraafs long time high school buddy and they used him as a front man for their ORGANIZED CRIME SCHEME, throwing patients, growers and colelctives to the wind. GOOD BYE AND GOOD RIDDANCE. THE LAST THING ANYBODY NEEDS IS ASA'S ORGANIZED CRIME RING GETTING EVEN MORE POWER IN SAN DIEGO.


redpolkadot Sept. 2, 2012 @ 9:24 p.m.

I too am a medical marijuana patient and I'm shocked, befuddled and quite pissed to read your comments. If you think that being regulated and monitored by local law enforcement, if you think having all product tested for potency as well as for any mold or other parasites on the flowers before giving them to very ill patients, if you think that treating each and every member that walks through their doors with love, respect and sensitivity that is hard to come by in a doctors office is BAD for medical marijuana?! Well..then frankly sir you are a ignorant, uneducated moron.

As well, I would think that organized crime would choose a far less controversial avenue than POT REFORM to conduct their deeds. Generally history has shown that most mafia folks like to stay as far away from the Feds as possible.

And one last thing for you, not everything that's written in blogs is gospel. Which I did find the blog that you pretty much plagiarizer your entire comment from. Cause unlike you, I conduct my research before posting such outlandish and down right rude and hurtful accusations. The folks at Mother Earth work their a**'s off for patients and patients rights and to think that any of my friends are doing ANYTHING but offering high quality, clean meds to patients unable to cultivate for themselves is absolutely absurd!

If you have questions, ask them. Do not scapegoat people you don't know from Adam. And DO NOT throw the emotions, feelings and health of sick people under the bus, for your own agenda.


herbfolks Sept. 4, 2012 @ 7:42 a.m.

This story is incomplete, to say the least. There are two Mother Earth's selling cannabis in San Diego, for starters. Kim Twolan has one TOO! We've reported on this for 7 years, but nobody cares, it seems. Nobody but a couple whack jobs posing as herb advocates..... real effective, huh? http://www.SanDiegoHerb.com has the real backstory, if you care to know the truth.


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