I was thinking of the Sun Cafe today as the rains start to come to California. I hope the renovation can stand up to the ash from the fires and the rain, from the sky. We stood up to it well at the Sun with John and Judy's strength in building management. 1. A note on the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and its stimulus package projects. A project on Lindbergh Drive North of Broadway in Little Falls,MN resulted in out of town and out of state firms doing the project and the unemployed people along the road being forced to pay an assessment on the improvvements. I agree with House Republican leader John Boehner on the faults of the way the stimulus moneys are destributed. This is the same problem we had at the Sun Cafe with city mandated code improvements and costs in buisness operations. Mayor Cathy Van Risseghem needs to keep and eye on the Camp Ripley project here in Little Falls. Ref: USA Today,10/13/09, page 5A 2. China's vice president Xi Jinping is meeting with Prime Minister Stanislav Tillich in Dresdon. 3. Sacramento's Mayor is not street smart. You can not even blink your eye when in San Francisco or you will lose your shirt!. 4. China's COMAC, will put pressure on Boeing and Airbus to improve its commercial passenger jet buisness with it's new C919, at the Beijing Expo. Congratulations to the Chineese government!. Ref: USA Today, 10/13/09, page 1B-2B 5. Kim JongIL still wants to have bilateral talks with the United States before he moves into the six-party talks. I always told Geo W Bush to invite Kim to the White House!. 6. A little note for the USMC and the CIA in Afghanistan from Judy and John. If the Pashtun are with the Taliban and the officers from Packastan are from the Pujabi, and the Taliban are stronger than the Al-Qaida than: Pashtun is the majority of the population of Afghanistan and had the name of Afghan before Afghanistan. The origin is beleived to be from Afghana, the grandson of King Saul of Israel. The CIA shoul check the tribal genealogies. Also Punjabi is like Hindi, Persian, Aribic and Sanskrit. The CIA should check out Banda Bahadur a hermit who became a military leader with the Sikhs, who fought the Mughal rule in 1709-10.
The weather here in town has improved. The Sun has been out when I went to breakfast this morning and the tempeature is around 30F, but with a jacket on its like walking the streets of San Diego. How about that Judy! loving you. John

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