I have been watching the big dig in Little Falls on Lindbergh Drive. They are replacing the water, sewage and storm drain systems under the American Recovery Reinvestment Act, stimulus money. The project is a patchwork of repairs on a 100 year old system of cast iron, concrete and clay pipes. The local people, that is the Little Falls people say the contractors and working people are from out of state, or out of town and the locals are not recieving a dime from the stimulus. The roads in downtown are so wash-boarded that the gullyed track pulls the drivers into it and will be a pool of ice in the winter. Mabe the highway department could use a stimulus also. I went to Burger King for breakfast this morning and there was frost on the lawns all the way to the BK. The temperature this morning was in the low 30 s . Things learned; 1. Ford Motor Co is building a $490E6 assembly plant in Southwest China's Chongqing. It is a joint venture with Chang'an Ford Mazda Automoble. This is the second in the area and third auto plant for Ford in China. The plant will produce 600,000 car per/yr at capacity in 2012. It is interesting the Ford just closed a plant in St. Paul,MN just reciently. 2. China is building a resort on Mt Baeekda, the place where the nation of Korea was born. 3. Petra Diamonds CEO Johan Dippenaar has a 507.55 carat diamond, weighing 100 grams that was found in South Africa's Cullinan mine. 4. Archaeologist Francoise Villedieu thinks they have found Roman Emperor Nero's banquet hall that rotated day and night to imitate the Earths movement. The hall is part of his Golden Place built in the first century A.D. 5. The mpg ratings for electric and hybrid cars. If the energy used to produce the battery and charge the battery and recharge the system by the fuel engine are considered in the rating it would be more representative of the true mpg rating of the over-all system. Ref: USA Today, 9/30/09, page 5B I still miss the Sun Cafe and the Cafe at Pete and Joy's is starting to become my new replacement for the Sun Cafe. We are still busy in the bakery and as the Sun Cafe moves on we will here in Little Falls also. My heart just jumped a beat writing this missing Judy also.


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