1. Mongolian skeleton of the Xiongnu Empire of 209 B.C. to A.D. 93 ruled the trading route known as the Asian Silk Road that opened the empire to Western Europe.The Y chromosome of the remains are from a male speaker of Indo-European languages in Northeastern Europe, Central Asia and Northern India. Ref: Science News, Febuary 27, 2010 page 14
  2. China was in the U.S. in 1602. maps of western U.S. were prepared for the Ming dynasty by Matteo Ricci, a Jesuit missionary in Bejing. Ref: time, March 8, 2010 page 57
  3. Nasca people of Peru were around 2,400 years ago. Ref: National Geographic, March 2010 page 56-79
  4. The Earth is spinning at a different rate after major earthquakes. Also the overall planet is getting rounder, the flat on top and buldge at the equator is decresing. Also climate change causes oceans to warm making the Earth rotate faster with a shorter day.

               Ref: The Wall Street Journal, 3/03/10 page A10  
                       Also: New Scientist, 4/7/2007

Just a footnote to Judy ,and friends of the former Sun Cafe. Spring is starting to come to Little Falls, the temperatures are in to 40s and the birds are starting to come back and fly in the sky all parts of the day. I am still working but my social life is all but dead. I will continue to live in Little Falls as long as I can keep employed or if I am not made to feel that I don't belong here as some people around here are making me feel that way because I love Judy,a women in California and am trying to build a future for her and us here. Any way life will go on regardless of what happens.

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