The weather is starting to show signs of fall now. The leaves are falling faster now. You can feel the fall chill in the wind at night when I go to work at @2 AM. The day temperature is mild but the sun goes down much faster now. Things learned; 1. China is at the UN Climate Summit of 100 world leaders. China president Hu Jintao and China Director of Climate Change,Su Wei want to be world leaders in this Summit. The new Global Climate Pact at Copenhagen, Denmark is in December. 2. On General Motors,spinoff of Ope and accepted a bid from Canadian-russian consortium with Magna to invest $725E6, dependent on loan guarantees fromt he German government. This would protect German jobs and close more efficient plants elsewhere. 3.Best of luck to Yukio Hatoyams, of the democratic Party of Japan and his appointed Katsuya Okada as foreign minister and Hirrohisa Fujii, a fiscal hawk as finance minister. 4. Hugo Chavez, of Venezuela is buying a missile system from Russia with a $2.2E9 loan to use against the US in anti -drug operations in Colombia. 5. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is going into banking and savings accounts in poor countries with people living on $2 a day. Seems small but their are 2.5E9 people with $2 a day.This could break the US with 300E6 people with $8.33 a day. Also with the $35E6 from the worlds richest charitable foundation to start it out. So what will the interest rate be!!. 6. Happy birthday to Walter Breuning at 113, "Worlds Oldest Man", in Great Falls, Mont. Hey Judy I may live as long as this with a loving relationship with you, now that we men are living longer. You would live to the average, longer than men, too to have it all too. That would be great too!. 7. Shakespeare may take a hit with a rotten beam that supports the roof over the grave of William and the 800 year old English Church where he lies, since 4/25/1616.

                                            Love you Judy and best to all,sincerely,John

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