1. Corn and soybean crops this year are forcasted to be one of the best in years in Minnesota. There would be plenty of food for the Sun Cafe if it was still open!.
  2. Roads in the United States will be too dangerious to drive on by 2042 with the refugee population becoming the majority and english will not be fully understood to inable the use todays traffic signs. Good problem for you Bob; at the former Sun cafe. Ref: USA Today, 10/20/09 page 1A
  3. Image of virgin on rock. It looks like the image is the virgin of Yamato not that of Guadalupe. The moon is symbolic of Nanna before Abraham!!. Ref: Star Tribune, 10/20/09 page A4
  4. A note on rebalancing global economic values. Foreign countries buy U.S. treasury bonds to prevent the appreciating of their own currencies. A weaker U.S. currency makes U.S.exports cheaper overseas and more competitive with domestic produced products.Mr. Ben Bernanke, Federal Reserve chief said that this overflow of capital has "overwhelmed" the U.S. financial system. Ref: The Wall Street Journal, 10/20/09 page A2
  5. I see they have found the plume of vapor that was expected on the moon from the LCROSS experiments. Ref: France 24, International News, 10/19/09, 17H25 Joy is going into the hospital for her heart operation and we all hope her the best. My dear Judy the weather has been great with most temperatures above freezing the last few days. You can talk to Father Mark about our course, and six month waiting time before we get married. Love, John

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