Jack McGrory was Susan Golding's hand picked City Manager.

More than any other individual, Jack McGrory is responsible for putting us into the mess we find ourselves in today. He's the original architect of the pension fraud, the Chargers ticket guarantee, the taxpayer funded Republican Convention, and the ballpork rip-off.

You can verify this here:


Yep, Jack McGrory should be in jail, but the statute of limitations ran out under lapdog City Attorney Casey Gwinn. So we're all stuck with McGrory's corrupt deals on the pension, Qualcomm Stadium, the Republican Convention and the Ballpark.

What's McGrory up to nowadays?

Well one thing he's doing is contributing the maximum amount possible to Todd Gloria's campaign for District 3. He's given more than five hundred dollars to the developers' favorite mouthpiece. McGrory's undoubtedly also been instrumental in spreading the word that Gloria will always bow down to the downtown insiders. Gloria, you see, is bought and paid for. He's promised to continue the local tradition of "delay, deny, and deceive".

You can find all this information in the campaign finance disclosures.

This is the kind of back room dealing that has cost us all dearly. McGrory's pension fraud is now calculated to exceed $3 Billion.

Yes, that's three billion with a capital B.

If we really want to change San Diego, we have to make sure that candidates who take dirty money from fraudsters like Jack McGrory don't get elected to the council.

Vote for Stephen Whitburn instead.

He's supported by Donna Frye precisely because Stephen won't go along to get along. He stands for reform, and an end to the secret back room deals that McGrory perfected and Gloria promises to continue.


historymatters Oct. 25, 2008 @ 6:27 p.m.

Wow, yet another person that should be in prison backing Todd. I dont think people understand that the only reason Jennifer LeSar and Toni Atkins aren't in prison is because gay marriage is illegal. What Toni did as a city council member voting on projects that directly financially benefited her and her life partner LeSar would have been illegal. Just imagine if Donna was married to Doug Manchester. People would cry foul all over the place.

This reminds me of the Bush Administration where there is all this talk of loyalty. Loyalty, loyalty, to each other rather than to the greater good. Look what they said when Powell endorsed Obama--How could he be so disloyal. I dont understand how loyalty to your "buddies" (the kind Bush has shown) is more important than loyalty to your constituents. I hope the community will see this.

I know Todd has invested alot of money in buying rounds of cocktails for people to get them to the polls. I hope they sober up in time and realize a vote for their "buddy" Todd is a vote against themselves.


Stephen_Davis_from_South_Park Oct. 31, 2008 @ 11:05 a.m.


I now believe you're a good soul and care about our community, rather than serving as Whitburn's mouthpiece. Truly, I mean that.

But there's a huge difference between good guys like you and Todd Gloria compared to Stephen Whitburn.

See, both you and Gloria have good hearts and a long history of service in our neighborhoods.

Stephen Whitburn is not the same. The CityBeat says Whitburn, "came to San Diego six years ago in search of a career in politics." Coupled with the fact that Whitburn has dumped over $240,000 of his own, unaccounted for campaign cash into his coffers, would lead anyone to the logical conclusion that Whitburn is a carpetbagging political opportunist trying to buy the 3rd Council District seat.

I hope that when the dust has settled and Todd Gloria is doing a great job on City Council, that you and he will be able to partner together to improve all of our quality of life.


Stephen Davis


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