National City students least fit out of 42 school systems in San Diego County

After all that has happened in the United States over the past 30-40 years, are Americans still blind to the fact that the Horatio Alger myth (and our elites' infatuation w/Ayn Rand-inspired Calvinist neoliberalism) is so far beyond believable (and so far beyond resolving intractable class division; in fact, it increases class division) that it is offensive to even write articles like these? Of course there large numbers of fast food chains in South Bay, and of course the students in South Bay--west of the I-805--struggle more than most with functioning in an academic environment and with obesity (and probably, a great deal of food insecurity)! Of course they do! Our economic system is set up to ensure that they do, in spite of what anyone might say. Many kids in South Bay west of I-805 do not come from families blessed with the built-up class privilege/leverage necessary to produce the faux appearance of "accomplishment" so common in most of our elites' families. No, what these students get is a heavy dose of popular culture, a popular culture that with its increasing social liberalism still completely glosses over the failure of our economic system, instead promoting the very same conservative economic mythology of "self-made personhood" that it purportedly blames are societal "regressiveness" on. Might we not be better served by acknowledging that multigenerational poverty creates layers of mental health and other problems that makes movement out of one's social class near impossible, and that to pretend that it is mystery why kids in South Bay are struggling academically and with obesity is an offense to those dealing with such overwhelming issues? I say this not to criticize the writer of the article, but to promote the idea that we as a society need to examine some of our foundational myths to determine if we can continue to build a functional democracy by maintaining them with such blind rigidity in adhearing to them but pretending that they do not exist at the same time. In my opinion, we cannot.
— June 18, 2017 1:10 a.m.

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