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La Jolla Sunset

Don Bauder Jan. 26, 2017 @ 9:12 p.m.

DOES TRUMP WANT TO DESTROY MEXICAN ECONOMY AND HURT THE AMERICAN ONE? The proposal by the White House -- call it "America First" -- would destroy the Mexican economy. That would mean more illegal immigrants would flow in, no matter how tall the wall. The proposal would have "disastrous consequences for workers and consumers in both countries," comments the New York Times.

NAFTA would have to be tossed out. This would disrupt the flow of goods from Mexico. Think how much Mexican fruits and vegetables would cost in the U.S. It would hurt American companies, such as the auto companies. Higher prices would be paid by American consumers.

Trump and those in his party are working on a "border-adjusted tax." The Mexican threat (which the White House quickly said was only an idea -- typical of Trump pronouncements that are walked back quickly -- will be deleterious all the way around. Best, Don Bauder

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4th of July in Maine

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Desert Five Spot

Sunset Trail on Mount Laguna offers views of expansive meadows, lakes, and forests; an excellent way to get away.

Hacksaw put to local radio once again

“I was the most visible. I was the most liked and most disliked."

After three years off the air, Lee “Hacksaw” Hamilton is returning to the radio airwaves. “I still think I have the passion to do this,” Hamilton said in a interview shortly after he had been ...

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