Della Creelman, Mara Escajeda. Della Creelman owns Legacy’s Antiques. It states on her card, “Everything you should have inherited.”
  • Della Creelman, Mara Escajeda. Della Creelman owns Legacy’s Antiques. It states on her card, “Everything you should have inherited.”
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Boyer and Kasch, c.1960. Boyer and Kasch showed that the blood pressures dropped after six months of exercise.

Father of Fitness

It is possible one or two other “lone nuts” might also have been jogging somewhere in the county back then. But he knew of none, and the common wisdom in 1948, he points out, was that exercise harmed adults.

By Jeannette DeWyze, July 8, 1999 Read full article

If inside the studio is interesting then outside is fantastic because this is where many of Castano’s larger pieces are kept.

One San Diego sculptor teaches another

The molten bronze is poured from the furnace into the crucible and then from the crucible into molds. The crucibles are made of graphite and clay and can hold molten metal with a temperature of 2600 degrees. They come in different sizes and can be used 50 or 60 times, but they eventually become unsafe.

By Thomas Lux, Aug. 12, 1999 Read full article

Pia taught Diana Kennedy who spent a week in Zacualpan, how to cook guajes (GWAH-hays), the seeds from a slender, green pod.

Cristina's kitchen

Cooking was something tangible Cristina could bring back to San Diego from Zacualpan: Cristina could take Pia’s recipes and re-create with them something of what she felt when visiting her sister’s small town. While working at her Sherman Heights clinic, Cristina’s Zacualpan life began to merge into the neighborhood’s immigrant life, a life hidden from most San Diegans.

By Abe Opincar, Nov. 24, 1999 Read full article

Connie McNally: “I grew up with silver. My mother loved it. And I loved polishing it. It’s instant gratification.”

Look! you've got a naked man on your fork!

The drug and antique worlds share a vocabulary. Both worlds thrive on human “have to have it” weakness. Certainly, as it is with junkies, I always want more. One minute the chubby naked cherubs inviting me up the stairs on the back of a Versailles dinner fork (the front, or obverse, of the stem shows a man wearing nothing but a wild boar’s head helmet are the most enthralling silver sight I’ve ever seen.

By Patricia Hoesch, Nov. 11, 1999 Read full article

The WELL evolved from the back-to-the-land utopianism that produced Stewart Brand's Whole Earth Catalog,

Members of the keyboard

mmc likens The WELL "to an electronic equivalent of the French salons during the Enlightenment period." tex describes it as "the wild west of telecom ... sort of like a Dodge City saloon." flash writes, "The WELL is just like any other community, but it's easier to park."

By Judith Moore, March 1, 1990 Read full article

Xavier Hicks, Javier Velasco. "I went home and announced to my parents, 'I’m going to become a dancer.’ I danced around the house."

Why toe shoes?

“One of the most fascinating aspects of choreography is that no two dancers doing the same step will look exactly the same. So although most good choreographers have a very definite idea as to what they want, they also try to create steps and movements that help make a particular dancer look good."

By David Burge, June 25, 1998 Read full article

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chendri887 Oct. 28, 2018 @ 11:18 a.m.

What "spare time?" A relic of a bygone era, or something reserved for the super rich.


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