Young Mass Presents...the Best of Daygo City

1 – Young Mass - "Daygo City Intro" 2 – Outlaw Order "Product Of My Environment" f/ Young Mass, H-Ryda, New Child, Cutthroat www.hryda.com Produced By: Young Mass 3 - Verbz "San Diego is the Combination" f/ Blame One & Mr. Brady www.myspace.com/verbz Cuts: DJ Demon / Produced By: Verbz 4 – Kitty "Work My Kitty" f/ I-Rocc & Harmoney www.myspace.com/kittykatmeooow - Twitter: @kittykatmeooow Produced by: Batkave 5 – J. Young & Young Mass "Celebrity Girl" www.myspace.com/theoriginaljyoung Produced By: Young Mass 6 – Black Cotton "I.Y.I.F.L.Y." www.theblackcotton.com - www.myspace.com/theblackcotton Twitter: @TheBlackCotton Produced By: Marrel 7 – Tha Cor "Smoke And Get High" f/ Muddy H20 www.myspace.com/thacor619 Twitter: @Crhymes619 Produced By: E-Man 8 – HeatRok "Feelin Like Ooh Wee" www.myspace.com/heatroksd Twitter: @HeatRok Produced By: t6 9 - Juice "Bounce (Keep It On The LoLo)" f/ Nasty-O www.myspace.com/kojuice2 - www.kojuice.com Twitter: @Kojuice Produced By: The BeatBoyz 10 –O.C.T./Outta Control "Come Correct" www.myspace.com/outtacontroloct Twitter: @OCTMusic Produced By: Arsenic 11 - Jimmy Powers "Same James" www.myspace.com/jpowers Twitter: @JimmyPowersSD Produced By: Longevity 12 - Young Mass "Free" www.myspace.com/massterpiece - www.youngmass.com Twitter: @MassterpieceEnt @Mass2020 Produced By: C-Dash 13 – Kayo "2 Tha Hataz (I’m Hot)" www.myspace.com/beatsbykayo - www.lifestyleofahustler.com Twitter: @Beatsbykayo Produced By: Young Mass 14 – Bloodstone And Princess "Gangstas Don’t Dance" www.myspace.com/buprecordsent Produced By: Ecay Uno 15 - Pac 10 "So So Fresh (remix)" f/1019, Just Chill, Acromic, Mr. Oda, Parker www.magflux.net - www.myspace.com/parkerthenumberman Twitters: @Pac10MF - @MagFlux - @Acromic - @DjWindzOne - @ParkerNumberman @WHATtheFERCH - @Magneticmogul Produced By: Acromic 16 – Shavone C. "Baddest Chick Around" www.myspace.com/shavonecmusik Twitter: @SHAVONEC Produced By: James Wilson 17- Play B. "Angel" f/ Young Mass & Kayo www.myspace.com/playb619 Twitter: @Playb619 Produced By: Young Mass 18 - Bucky Adams "Yaddada" f/ Yada & Majesty Da P www.myspace.com/kaliforniabears Produced By: Bucky Adams 19 – DieNasty Records "19:04" f/ Ecay Uno, Sicc Made & Crhymes www.DieNastyRecords.com Twitter: @KaliburDieNasty Produced By: Ecay Uno 20 – Vision "Quit Frontin" www.myspace.com/visioncomplex Twitter: @VISIONCOMPLEX Produced By: Miklo Sanchez 21 – Mr. Ridley "Danger, Danger!" f/ Bazerkowitz, Trust 1 & Matlock www.myspace.com/mrridley - www.myspace.com/theanticitizens Twitter: @Mrridley Cuts: DJ Marcellus Wallace / Produced By: Mr. Ridley 22 – Young Mass - "The Best Of Outro"
— December 10, 2009 7:35 p.m.

Young Mass Presents the Best of Daygo City

WHERE CAN I GET THIS ALBUM???? AccessHipHop.com & iTunes MORE ALBUM INFO???? Check out the blog at www.myspace.com/massterpiece *There are album updates, reviews and links to ALL the albums participating acts!!!
— December 2, 2009 6:39 p.m.

Indiana-Born Juice

Preview Juice's "BEST OF DAYGO CITY" track "BOUNCE (KEEP IT ON THE LOLO)" on the compilations MySpace page at: www.myspace.com/massterpiece. Tha album's digital release is 11/10/2009 – Physical Release 11/17/2009.
— October 21, 2009 3:01 p.m.

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