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“1 for 3” by just.chill was the most-downloaded MP3 from SDReader.com during September. Below is an interview with the songwriter.

Who are the members of just.chill?

Although many members of Mag Flux contribute to the song process, just.chill is one person — me. My real name is Ferchil, which people may not catch upon first hearing it. So I tell some to call me “just ’Chil.’”

You’re using a sample in the background. Whose voice is it, and what is being said?

Although I didn’t compose the beat (Dyskreet produced it, and Acromic engineered it), from what I’m told it may be Fleetwood Mac. Dyskreet also told me that the sample says, “and I love you, child, that I see.” During the chorus or “hook,” I crafted the lyrics around the Method Man and Notorious B.I.G. samples from “You’re All I Need” and “Get Money,” respectively.

The song seems to chronicle a true love connection. Is it about someone in particular?

I’m lucky enough to be surrounded with friends that have true love connections. I’ve even given speeches as their best man. So I’m blessed to witness true love, and the lyrics were loosely based on that. Even though I have yet to experience that REAL love. Now, puppy love on the other hand...

The piano tracked behind the vocals is great. What made you put it in and how did you come up with it?

I believe it’s part of the sample and one of the reasons why I immediately was drawn to the song. Initially, the song wasn’t being used for any Mag Flux project at the time, and “1 for 3” had a different beat (a Stevie Wonder sample, to be exact). After we decided to rework my album, I knew that would be my opportunity to have the song be on my debut.

What are some sample lyrics to the song?

The first verse says, “Hugs and kisses, Xs and Os/ You tore down my walls like the fall of Jericho/ Our hearts beat in synch, especially when we’re intimate/ I like the little things you’re made of, and what goes into it (get it)/ You know how I take my coffee/ some think you’re a bitch, I just think you’re bossy/ you’re killin me softly when you leave me breathless/ so I upped my plan to have more text messages/ you leave me defenseless, you got me open/ give me that beady eye when you catch me scopin’/ but I’m only jokin, oops, my bad/ I can’t help it though, you’re so cute when you’re mad/ I’ll admit, I get jealous fits and see green like sinsemilla/ at least that makes the make-up session steamier/ you’re so good you’re bad, you’re my favorite addiction/ I’d rather have a real love, than some work of fiction”



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40ozChris Oct. 21, 2009 @ 1:59 p.m.

Check out Just Chill along with his group Pac 10 on the all San Diego Hip Hop compilation album "YOUNG MASS PRESENTS... THE BEST OF DAYGO CITY"! More info at: www.myspace.com/massterpiece


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